Brisbane Broncos v Melbourne Storm | Match Highlights | Round 23, 2022 | NRL

Brisbane Broncos v Melbourne Storm | Match Highlights | Round 23, 2022 | NRL

The Brisbane Broncos host the Melbourne Storm during Round 23 of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership


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20 Responses

  1. ehoss says:

    Brisbane looked really promising, for the first three minutes.

  2. dick ass says:

    Corey Oates has so much passion, makes me smile when I see his excitement with scoring a try, no matter what the score line. Awesome guy.

    • Shane Wilson says:

      @GhostSlayer -F3AR- great player. I think we’ve got a good team and he’s a big part of it.

    • GhostSlayer -F3AR- says:

      It’s good to see him back and happy as ever this season tbh. Been a couple rough seasons for him before this

  3. Logan In Thailand says:

    Really weird as a Tigers fan seeing Nofo winning and playing in a good team.

  4. Rabbitohs Rule says:

    Man! What a game? There’s no denying how good the storm are!! Love them or hate them you can’t stop the fact that they are a champion team, you think there injured? Think again? And David noufaluma you are a great player mate? We always knew this one of tigers best amongst Dane Laurie and our old mate Adam Douhi. But so much to add to this epic win. Jerome Hughes? Well what can you say about that try? Amazing team amazing plays. Credit to the bronx they kept on trying, but it was always gonna be a tough game. Plenty of lessons to learn.

    • Jay Tainui says:

      Tigers are my team. However, I am happy for David Nofoluma…. he’s in a really good place now. Go boy!

  5. Ganilau says:

    I know Nelson threw that horrific pass but jeez it’s starting to look scary with him experimenting in attack. Just another weapon to add to the storm.

    • susTv says:

      He’s so fluid and agile for such a big fella. Top 5 forward in the game for me.

    • SilentHotdog28 says:

      As much as we are thankful it didn’t cost us, you want the players to have the confidence to experiment and try new things, because then we can be more unpredictable , plus he threw a similar pass which netted us a try, so it’s great to see him doing it. Remember when he bombed the ball earlier in the season and it landed on a dime for Paps, who scored the try? He has some serious skills, he isn’t just a big man and needs to be allowed to explore these skills, not just used as a battering ram. Look at Big Tino for the Titans, he is a similar sort of player who has a lot of skills other than just being a big man, you want to see these players pulling out all the party tricks.

    • Kez f says:

      His vids when he as younger showed he was an exciting ball runner….

    • Darryl Mackie says:

      He’s been playing out wide all season !

    • Charlie Wright says:

      Look great on the outside really effective against the smaller men put a serious shift in

  6. God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 says:

    Great win Storm! Crazy first 10 minutes! Should secure a top 4 finish. Will help their confidence a lot heading into the finals. Their defence has been very impressive the last 2 weeks.

  7. Mark Whelan says:

    Wow the Mighty Storm are hitting their straps at the end of the season the Bronco’s have improved but in order to battle against the top four sides is not something they are ready for yet. I think they should take some tips from the Storm in how to defend the line. It was as if they were playing a reserves grade team. Go the Storm

  8. Gray M says:

    As a Storms fan, while I was happy they got the win, there’s still room for improvement if they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with come finals footy. Otherwise it’s good to see the spine working together again and enjoying their footy 😁☇☇

  9. lildrum78 says:

    Wow! That was an incredible game. Just when previous rounds this season were gripping, it’s only getting better! Well done Storm

  10. sicboi says:

    Jeezuzzz, this is going to be an exciting finals coming up with the Storm firing all pistons now. Scary for the other teams.

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