Britain is leaving the EU. Here’s what that means.

Britain is leaving the EU. Here’s what that means.

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20 Responses

  1. tuami melapelas says:



  2. Kade Griffin says:

    So… is this good or bad for the UK?

  3. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says:

    There are no contries on their own


  4. Sheob 多形体 says:

    Hey, we shall see what happens!

  5. dopemcee says:

    all this because white people would rather destroy their own nations than
    live next to people of color. Same thing happening in the United states

    white people gonna white.

  6. saL sageV says:

    I’m happy for you Brits. You guys are now free.

  7. Elias Trujillo says:

    Congratulations Britain! You’ve made the right decision. Britain for
    Britain. No more will the EU tell Britain how to run their own country!

  8. Heater64k says:

    It truly is a huge victory for the EU.

  9. Panic! at the Phan Notification says:

    hey buddy you in London?

  10. Mecha Martini says:

    Democracy works , period .

  11. al arafat says:

    some British people react so helpless without Europe. I think they forgot
    they were single county in past. majority of UK people took there choice, I
    think it will be better to think foreword.

  12. Blue Apple says:

    this video seems to slant towards this being bad. hmm.

  13. LawofForms says:

    If you are a UK Citizen, then you now have to accept that the economy,
    politics and foreign affairs will shift and change in negative and positive

    If you voted Leave, you have to accept the poverty and the joblessness to
    come along with the inevitability of non-eu immigration. If you voted
    Remain, you have to accept that in the long run you could be proven wrong
    as the UK is developed into a more effective economy.

    Everything will change, regardless as to how you voted. All we can do now
    is adapt and work together to rectify the damage and improve upon it

  14. Candice Hogg says:

    My boyfriend is in the UK, all of this is scary

  15. thetick532 says:

    0:46 Why is Ukraine omitted from the map?
    Did the entire country sink into the Black Sea?

  16. Anthony Buono says:

    Couldn’t be happier for the UK. Democracy at its finest. Down with the EU,
    there will be a “United Europe” when the people get the elect their own
    representatives to make the laws

  17. Hallking78 says:

    make Britain great again?

  18. Jeremy Dunbar says:

    You spelled Tariffs wrong

  19. Henry Pulaski says:

    UK is going to fall apart very soon. I’ve heard Scotland is going to
    conduct referendum. Wonder if Northern Ireland follows suite. Oh what a sad

  20. Sekkar's PlayHouse says:

    Rue Brittania