Britney Spears – Make Me… / Me, Myself & I (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. G-Eazy

Britney Spears – Make Me… / Me, Myself & I (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. G-Eazy

“Make Me” feat. G-Eazy is featured on “Glory”, the ninth studio album from Britney Spears, OUT NOW!
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“Me, Myself and I” is featured on G-Eazy’s latest album “When It’s Dark Out” Available Now! Get it on:
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20 Responses

  1. TheQuerky Lord says:

    G eazy fucking killed it while being hand raped by Britney

  2. YouTube Hollywood says:

    i’m tired of these ”omg she lip-synced” comments YES she DID! SHE DOES
    THAT SINCE 1999. Y’all stop it already. For the performance i think its
    great i’ll give it a 7/10 she danced very hard for a slow pop song right ?
    It’s a new Britney with new music . SHE IS THE ORIGINAL POP PRINCESS OF MTV
    Beyoncé lip-synced too. Nowadays music is all about black rappers and black
    singers twerking what a shame … *not racist* but hollywood was made by
    and for white artists!

  3. No-se Sabe says:

    3:45 She looks a bit scared. It looks like he wanted to kiss her but she
    said “no” with her head xD.

  4. mauriciogv93 says:

    When G-Eazy comes out on stage and you had no idea he was a giant xD

  5. Alon 994 says:

    Britney?? do you hear me?? please don’t make mistake!! WE WANT “LIAR” TO BE

  6. Danyel Schmittou says:

    Her dancing is so stiff. She looks like she’s counting every step in her
    head. ? it drives me crazy

  7. ayu agustina says:

    Britney should cover ‘Me Myself and I’ she sound great

  8. Lizzie Modern says:

    I think she did pretty good! But I thought it was underwhelming that they
    gave her so little time, especially since she was sharing the stage with
    him. (He did great though.) MTV really has a thing for Beyonce, they always
    make everything about her when she performs, and it completely overshadows
    everyone else. They should have at least given Britney the same amount of
    time since they promoted it so heavily – so I don’t blame her for the
    underwhelming factor, I blame MTV. Also, yeah she uses playback – where
    y’all been to be pointing that out still. lol It’s hard to dance and sing
    at the same time, so it basically saves you from sounding out of breath.

  9. Yair Medina says:

    Horrible and disrispectful! How is she professional? If she even cant sing

  10. Toni Foxx says:

    White washed black culture.

  11. Nikki Miller says:


  12. Little Monster says:

    Wtf is the choreography? It’s the worst choreography I’ve ever seen. Her
    performance besides the choreography is flawless and sensational, but
    seriously Brit, GET A NEW CHOREOGRAPHER! I want a choreography that really
    resembles Britney, someone who attacks the dance routine with
    unconventional vigor, not a princess that only looks pretty and stiff.

  13. mark tombson says:

    disappointing 🙁
    i love Britney! but bitch if you can’t sing live!! stay at home

  14. Guy Guest says:

    Choreography is cheap and lazy as fuck. How many disappointments can
    britney fans take?

  15. Chloe says:

    Lip syncing and half assed “dancing”…I give up on MTV. They just promote
    non-talented people constantly.

  16. tlauderdalehp21 says:

    Her cover of Me, Myself and I was great!!! They should remix it and have
    her sing the hook! G-Eazy did after all inspire that song from her song
    “Shattered Glass”!

  17. Red Eyes says:

    What the hell are you talking about ? The song is so down to earth what did
    you think she’s gonna dance like a monkey on drugs ? No. The choreography
    and the whole preformance is very very pretty I loved it. It was the
    highlight of the night. Instead of listening to that divorced crap Beyonce
    cursing and singing about her marriage. Lol get a life girl.

  18. Heidi PPB says:

    That performance was.. A MESS

  19. FoxyWhite says:

    Britney has gone through the birth of two children, suffered severe knee
    injuries causing her to have two knee surgeries, likely had a substance
    abuse problem, and had to recover from a mental breakdown. And people
    expect her to look and dance like she’s 17 years old?

  20. Daud Rotama says:

    I don’t understand why people keep saying this is a bad performance when it
    is actually very pretty and well-executed. The choreography is definitely
    better than Gimme More. I can’t see the possibility of having a harder
    choreography than this because this song is supposed to be performed like
    this. It’s near perfection. And Britney has always lip-synched, we all know
    that already. I really dislike how kids nowadays treat Britney like this.
    She’s the original princess of pop, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. Can’t
    we just respect her? Her legacy will always live on.