Britney Spears on Helium – The Jonathan Ross Show

Britney Spears on Helium – The Jonathan Ross Show

After losing a round of ‘Forfeit Tennis’ – Britney Spears must take a breath full of helium and sing to Jonathan.

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20 Responses

  1. YouTube Hollywood says:


  2. O Estranho Mundo de Jessy says:

    Já quero ver tudo!

  3. Patricio Parodi says:

    how old is she?

  4. Irvivo Ira says:

    WOW! So funny! Perfection!!! Britney is just GORGEOUS!

  5. Erik Cortes says:

    She looks like a real life Barbie! ❤️

  6. lisa baez says:

    hahahahha i love her ???

  7. Britney Spears fan says:


  8. T. Casas says:

    Such a precious angel. So sweet

  9. Melissa Teles says:

    My God, how Britney is beautiful! ?❤❤❤

  10. Melissa Teles says:


  11. Adriana Lovelle says:


  12. raspucio “el golosina” matamoros says:

    so cute¡¡¡¡ hermosa morí de amor

  13. Jake Marko says:

    please show the whole interview at some point

  14. Ruy Graça says:

    More live vocals this year! Hahaha

  15. Das Sir says:

    she sounds better on helium

  16. VAST ABYSS says:

    Try to have a good day today. Time is short. Smile and laugh as much as you
    can. Say something nice to another and pass along! =)

  17. atolm1 says:

    looks like shes made of leather, a dog fart has more musicality than she

  18. daniel burton says:

    i bet she still lip synced

  19. thegamesk says:

    Wow she looks so old ?

  20. Release The Quackin! says:

    Next challenge – Britney Spears Sit on my face ?