Britney sprains ankle during performance

Britney sprains ankle during performance

But keeps going cuz she is incredible

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20 Responses

  1. Speed Flexie says:

    Once she fall, everyone hates her? I dont understand

  2. mikejrexec says:

    Is she even trying to dance? Looks more like walking around.

  3. Alex Roszczynska says:

    My God either you people are heartless and brainless – you try performing
    as many times as she does and DANCE and SING always perfect at every single
    show. It’s easy to be critical of other people when you are not in their
    position. I am sure you do things that others don’t like. Somehow she is
    making millions, no one would hate her is she wasn’t making tons of money
    doing what she does. Britney is a legend, maybe not in every single
    person’s eyes but obviously to a HUGE population and numbers don’t lie.
    People fall. Get over it. SHE IS BRITNEY!

  4. Álvaro Dalla Betta says:

    Bem feito hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  5. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    “Rubbing braincells, lipsyncing and walking is hard!”

  6. piratesfan1995able says:

    People pay to see this shit

  7. GR8119 says:

    Skip to 1:43, save yourself some seconds for your life that are NOT wasted.

  8. Stelios Papadopoulos says:

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  9. Nícolas Costa says:

    the moment: 1:45

  10. waykool698 says:

    Who gives a shit?

  11. moises m says:

    1:45 your welcome

  12. Jose Santiago says:

    Sniper in the building.

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  14. philthestampede says:

    @waykool698 lol

  15. Cheef Beef says:

    She too old

  16. Brian Campuzano says:

    Her dancing is like a babby elk learning how to walk

  17. Shauna Cardwell says:

    i don’t get how people pay to see this, she doesn’t even sing live and to
    be honest the entertainment doesn’t look all the exciting either. i think
    her days are over.

  18. Z Afana says:

    I don’t think she kept on going… the recording did.