Brock Lesnar comes calling for Roman Reigns: SummerSlam 2021 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Brock Lesnar comes calling for Roman Reigns: SummerSlam 2021 (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Beast Incarnate rolled into SummerSlam to stun The Head of the Table and the WWE Universe. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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45 Responses

  1. Social Justice Fails says:

    Lol they should add a stipulation saying winner gets heyman as his manager XD

  2. UnrealEntGaming says:

    Who else agrees that they should allow for Brock Lesnar to keep the current look he has going on? It’s different and I feel as though it suits him. Nevertheless it was great seeing him back!

  3. SportsGaming2011 says:

    Paul’s been caught with his pants down “uh I can explain”
    It would be funnier if Paul talked to him self on behalf of lesnar and reigns

  4. Mike Kobain says:

    it’s crazy how a whole year without him being involved in any capacity makes you glad to see him 😂

    • TGoCrazZy says:

      @Monkeman Monkeman don’t ignore the facts y’all only wanted brock to return because some of y’all don’t like roman in couple of weeks y’all will be the ones booing brock

    • swallowedinthesea11 says:

      Lesnar in WWE is what CM Punk is to AEW.

    • MakeOutHaven says:

      @TGoCrazZy no…because people wanted Brock Vs Bobby lmao.

    • Pepsi Kurkure says:

      @TGoCrazZy your abosultely right
      these hypocrite fans will cheer for someone for a few weeks and when brock becomes champion i promise you they’ll boo him right after 2 months of his championship run like they did with roman
      at least roman defended every ppv whereas brock only comes 4 times a year
      i fear once brock wins it’ll be like 2017 again where he stays the champ for like 2 years or so.

    • Hisham Qureshi says:

      roman lames and brock lamener are both awful wrestlers and charisma vacuums.

      CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are much better wrestlers

  5. Miku Kohinata says:

    Roman Reigns: retains the title

    Triple H: “Plan B, there’s always a Plan B”

  6. The fitness challenger says:

    I wanted him to confront lashley but this makes sense because Heyman is with roman

    • It's JB says:

      @NothingBreak11 John cena has beaten brock but he has never beaten roman

    • Pepsi Kurkure says:

      @Fernando#25!!! dude chill
      roman is a character on tv
      he’s a heel
      it’s called character work 101
      out of all the comments i’ve read yours is the only one where i felt you talk like a kid seriously
      grow some brains bruh!!!!!!!

    • Cr Seven says:

      @It’s JB Roman suck, dont like him, Brock is King

    • Cr Seven says:

      @It’s JB Brock king right now

    • Pepsi Kurkure says:

      @calista junxie well edge returned and won the rumble
      main evented wrestlemania and lost to roman
      then again edge came back to challenge roman at MITB but he lost again
      then john cena came back
      and he got butchered by roman
      now brock has come back so you now know what the outcome will be

      but this time i feel like roman will probably lose to brock at crown jewel in October.
      i can’t say for sure who wins this match

  7. fishingatnite says:

    Brock is back and looks like more of a badass than ever

  8. The Ice says:

    And the day before we got CM PUNK returning and getting one of the Loudest pops ever, agin. Wooow what a time to be a wrestling fan!

  9. Reiner Braun says:

    The beast kept his promise, “I’d only come back, if the fans are back”

  10. Jeffrey Joseph Comedy says:

    Brock Lesnar is back as a face! I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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