Brock Lesnar steps into the fire with Kane: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

Brock Lesnar steps into the fire with Kane: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

After the Universal Champion and his advocate, Paul Heyman, declare 2018 as “The Year of the Beast,” The Conqueror incites a wild brawl with The Big Red Machine.
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61 Responses

  1. Manjit Kumar says:

    Daniel Bryan return in Royal rumble 2018 ?? Yes ! Yes! Yes ! ..

  2. Bartu Haksal says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of this. They disrespect Kane and his legacy, they show him like a weak jobber.

    • Sensorship N0 P1CS says:

      I really want Kane to when this a lot of people have forgot him / ever since the authority Kane hasn’t had any good matches in my opinion

    • PuppelTM says:

      Hell no Rollins , Balor ,Rhyno,Slater they hace all jobbed to kane he has only lost to Strowman what do you mean?

    • Static DC says:

      I sort of agree, but he has wins over Balor, Jason Jordan, and others since returning. At least he hasn’t been losing matches.

    • Bhris Jeribho says:

      Bartu Haksal He’s old and overused. It’s the same thing every time. This isn’t the feud for him.

  3. Roorsworch Gaming says:

    Attitude Era Kane would eat Bork Lazer

  4. Kenn3th says:

    I dont know guys but now Im really tired of this Brock Lesnar being champion situation I mean he is a Part-Timer a part-timer should not be a champion in my opinion

  5. SYED SHABI says:

    Curt Hawkins only stops fight lol!!! He is best in it ,imagine Brock vs Hawkins at main event of wrestle mania hahahaha lol moment of the year

  6. SUNDER SINGH says:

    I want john cena!!!!!!! Because he is best

  7. Saurav Bhujel says:

    Beast vs Red machine vs monster among young man?😆😆😆😆

  8. cappuccino mido says:

    first time in youtube cafe with name of your lover if you like my work subscribe me

  9. Mr Jonas says:

    Who wish undertaker returns at the royal rumble to help kane and kane be the new universal champion

  10. Rami Julien says:

    Hope brock won’t shave his beard

  11. cormac browne says:

    Anyone remember brocks hawk scream😂

  12. WWE LOVER AND GAMER world says:

    Yaa Brock is best wrestler and will be still cham yaa

  13. киллер - ANoNyMouS JuT - киллер says:

    Lesnar always makes people bleed lol

  14. Nitro Edits says:

    Kane’s gonna shock us all like Dolph Ziggler and win the damn belt

  15. mr. s says:

    Brock rocks well

  16. OJ Simpson says:

    Undertaker is gonna help Kane win the Universal Title

  17. Jatin Ratta says:

    After a Year Brock Lesnar Came Back on Raw

  18. wwe wrestle says:

    Brock Only Lose To Roman At Wrestlemania 🙁

  19. Denzel X says:

    Brock just proved wrestling is fake by getting up

  20. Ultrascorpion says:

    Bring back old Kane.
    At least for this year or something

    • Black V says:

      If you’re talking about the old mask, not gonna happen, Kane himself admitted it was hard to breathe with that thing on. The old costume might happen, but meh, Kane doesn’t need those stuff to look badass

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