Brock Lesnar viciously mauls Seth Rollins: Raw, June 3, 2019

Brock Lesnar viciously mauls Seth Rollins: Raw, June 3, 2019

“Mr. Money in the Bank” assaults Seth Rollins but refuses to cash in on the vulnerable Universal Champion.


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54 Responses

  1. TheEVN7 says:

    3:29 the boombox party is…..

  2. Ballistic says:

    Literally using brock every week for ratings

  3. Sunny Sebastian says:

    The WWE is so predictable. Another obvious bait and switch. It’s a good thing that they have their PG gullible audience.


    Friday In Jeddah –
    Paul – What R U doin cash in
    Beast – summer slam summer slam summer slam

  5. Bradclone34 says:

    You gotta admit, Seth Rollins only won at Wrestlemania 35 is because he hit the low blow against Brock while the ref was distracted. I don’t think Seth would’ve won back at Wrestlemania 35 ?‍♂️?

    • Adam G. says:

      +Brock Lesnar Alpha Male lmao when did I say superpowers..there are roids that make you stronger faster etc just look at jon Jones in the UFC and others whove been poppef why you think they tried makin him fight Brock it would be 2 dudes who juice which ever way they choose I’m not saying it gives you superpowers but does make you stronger then you really are in a way…either way each sport has somebody taking something weather they say it or not

    • Kura Kura says:

      dude come on you know this is scripted, right?

    • Hellraiser988 says:

      +Adam G. Yet he is a legit fighter and amateur wrestler what have you done with your life

    • Hellraiser988 says:

      +Jared Duling anything goes before the bell not after

  6. Abbie Wilkinson says:


    Literally no one:

    Brock: Friday. Friday. Friday.

  7. Waqas Amjad says:

    Seth having ball treatment like Aj from previous years ??

  8. MiLLeNNium420 says:

    WWE storylines’ be like: Heels beat the hell out of Faces during all regular shows apart of one or two and then Faces win in the PPV in 95% of the cases!

  9. Bilal Siddiqui says:

    This is the Brock we wanted for a while.
    The real beast.
    The destroyer.
    Not the looney old idiot coming once in a year.

    • TroughStruggle says:

      true, but chances are low, he would appear more often. maybe you should listen to the last Talk is jerico. with some special. something something jon moxley

    • The Darkhorse Effect says:

      +TroughStruggle Jon Moxley doesn’t know the details of the new contract with Brock and WWE.

    • Aroop Ojha says:

      Brock coming once a year , for special match , if he would playing week after week his energy level down yard….so he is more powerful , destroyer…He is a? wrestler…………

    • Massa says:

      Brock vs Bautista

  10. E BO says:

    Brock be like:
    “Vince you couldn’t live with your Raw ratings failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

  11. 100 subscribers no videos ? says:

    Seth Rollins vs Brock lesnar was a promo

  12. Diribo Daniel says:

    Damn! I wanted to see party Brock with the jamz ???

  13. Anis Tufail Vines says:

    Mom: when will you go to school

    Me: Friday


  14. Mongid 03 says:

    Next week Seth rollins injured have to relinquish the universal champion. Vince: Brock the title is yours

  15. Darryl Tibbs says:

    Brock Lesnar was the perfect guy to win MITB!!!

  16. GOPAL SINGH says:

    Friday.. Friday.. Friday.. Vince Already fixed everything ???

  17. Shubham Dey says:

    Brock Lesnar is not your typical heel
    He’s got pride and honour
    He showed it when he didn’t cash in

  18. Craig Weir says:

    That was genuinely brutal

  19. Chuck Van dam says:

    Man that distraction from Brock is 2k19 all day in most matches ?

  20. Aum Music says:

    The conqueror will conquer Rollins without any mercy cause he made him do it cheated at wm35 and won universal title cheater Rollins!
    Beast is the real champ!

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