Broncos vs. Chiefs | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

Broncos vs. Chiefs | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

The Denver Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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20 Responses

  1. geekdiggy says:

    i don’t know if the broncos are just a bad team or the chiefs just make them look that way, but it sure does look like kansas city has it all figured out. i genuinely fear this team.

  2. TheReelDeal says:

    Absolute die hard Broncos fan, but when it comes to fantasy points…. lets go Alex Smith

  3. Edward Baladinakis says:

    It’s an injustice that you have a conspiracy to keep an elite QB out of the NFL and you have 3 SCRUBS that can’t throw a 30 yard TD or read a defence. SiGn COLIN KAPERNICK He Is able and capable of winning games check his stats this might be a good reason he took a knee this is an injustice to watch your favourite team lose in this kind of way sign Colin Kapernick to save their season and unite the NFL. think outside the box ;you want change start with forgiveness and give him an opportunity to play

  4. Dave Brown says:

    I’m Broncos fan but seimen is worst qb but better than kaep they need to get rid of him and coach why did elway go out get shitty coach I guess he wanted to ruin the team that he did

  5. Richard Bruce says:

    Way to many turnovers for denver

  6. The Funny Bros says:

    Nah Colin is bad. We have Brock he will be our starter!

  7. Darrell Morris says:

    Semian really is a bad qb. It all starts with qb and he’s not it.

  8. Tommy Dashed says:

    Broncos just need to avoid all of the turnovers and they have a chance to win.

  9. says:

    Semien is garbage. Stares down WRs (read DBs), throws a jump ball instead of taking a free first down, Broncos D can’t hold up when they’re on the field all the time

  10. Tom Brady says:

    The broncos need to fire the head coach and promote Mike mccoy and find a new QB

  11. Highlight Mix Tapes says:

    Check out my YT just uploaded a highlight video for Game 5 of the World Series πŸ’―

  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster says:

    This is funny, after like 3 games Kelce is now catching passes

  13. brandon wheeler says:

    As a Chiefs fan I feel bad for Denver’s defense. Those guys didn’t give up and it was only because of them the Broncos stayed in this game. I felt like it was a lot closer of a game than it should have been.

  14. Buck Weet says:

    I was hoping the Broncos that beat Dallas would show up.

  15. David Calvin says:

    boycott NFL , stupid kneeling players will ruin the NFL like they do in Detroit or any other city , countries they are in charge of .

  16. PresidentBelichick12 says:

    Broncos are trash but they’ll still probably beat my Patriots

  17. NRG Energee says:

    That’s why you don’t play Qb Hill

  18. Daniel Ugochukwu says:

    I remember watching that Broncos vs cowboys game when I was in western Colorado. I thought Broncos were so good and tough, didn’t know they would turn out to be a joke.

  19. Andy S says:

    Broncos offense is atrocious. They should stick to running the ball and limit the QB’s to no more than 20 passes a game. Trevor had 3 picks. You’re not going to win many games with 5 turnovers and bad special teams. Give Lynch a shot and see what he can do. If he can’t get the job done, start looking at shoring up that O-line and perhaps Kirk Cousins.

  20. Fuckhead Boy says:

    I knew the broncos were overrated

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