Broncos vs. Raiders Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

Broncos vs. Raiders Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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76 Responses

  1. Thomas Latimer says:

    Great Win Raiders!

  2. Michael Moore says:

    Does any team actually want the number 1 draft pick right now?

  3. Josh Kurutu says:

    Love the thumbnail with the two Santa hats merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Vexッ says:

    I love how the 99 yard punt return is the first highlight 😛

    • Roger Roger says:

      You guys are right a lot of these games are fixed….clearly the guy has his foot on the white line and he touches while on the line …that should be a touchback…raiders needed the win and look at how the Denver players were playing it that it seemed like they were all dummies falling on top of each other…lol

    • Burton Watts says:

      +Manus the Streamer downed? He touched the ball and then let it go. If anything it was a fumble picked up for a touchdown. No one ever took possession of the ball until Harris did.

    • larry ballard says:

      +Manus the Streamer but everyone knew it was a game that really didn’t matter so the NFL will do whatever it takes to bring back the disgruntled fans i have a great idea. Holding should be legal. And pass interference should be legal. Isn’t that what the defense is supposed to be doing. Interfering with the pass? And if too many players get injured, then make another change to a 150 man roster and lower the ridiculous high pay for the players and coaches and lower the price of the tickets and concessions. Holding and pass interference is a call that any referee can make anytime they want. The game is getting boring as far as I can tell. If you want to bring back better hard hitting action filled games, then stop going for a while and stop buying the merchandise and turn off Cable TV. They will give everyone cable TV for free if most people stop paying for it. It’s the advertising that brings all the Big money. Think about it. If you’re already watching the commercial and you’re paying for ESPN. Then you’ve effectively paid twice.

    • Sal Puga says:

      It’s fake he gave him the ball and didnt even try to tackle him

    • benjamin cayaban says:

      Where is MARQUETTE QUEEN?

  5. Monstrous says:

    That thumbnail lmao

  6. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Nice editing on that thumbnail. But the only good thing from this game was courtlands td pass gave me the fantasy win this week. Teerrriibbbllleee loss, at least the raiders put on a show in their last game in oakland

    • Michael Muniz says:

      Not bad for their swan song in Oakland. They always split the games every season. And almost pulled out both this year. Merry Christmas to you. Go Red Sox 2018 World Series Champions!!!

    • Nehemiah Howard says:

      +Michael Muniz Nice seeing you here. Merry christmas!

  7. uh says:

    what is up with the west
    Chargers lose to Ravens
    Chiefs lose to Seahawks
    Broncos lose to Raiders

  8. Josue Tejada says:

    What a way for the Raiders to say farewell to Oakland

    • Alan Todd says:

      +Phore Whoresman 1980? Please son, I’ve been a fan since 1972! I’ve witnessed all of the ‘Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ this franchise has been through!

      This team was in dire need of a fresh start. Oakland is and always will be home, but the bottom line in business is always…What’s Best For Business!

    • Shindler39 says:

      +Al ex really hope that the Athletics will move to Montreal. Oakland is doomed anyway, it is only a matter of time until a major earthquake hit that city.

    • Al ex says:

      Shindler39 as a Toronto Blue Jays fan I have mixed feelings in Montreal getting their team back because sure I would love a rivalry between the jays and expos but at the same time Blue jays are Canada’s team and I want it to stay that way

    • Delana Johnson says:


  9. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT says:

    Atleast the raider players were grateful and gave the city a possible final win

  10. Andrew K says:

    I honestly forgot there was a football game. Merry Christmas everyone!! I finally got my Diggs Jersey ?

  11. Just A Random Guy says:

    Quick recap of the Vance Joseph era in Denver:
    -first back to back losing seasons since 1970’s
    – allowed 50 points for first time in like a decade
    -ended broncos 28 year winning streak against the browns
    -only one road divisional win
    -first shutout loss in like 20 years
    – and a streak of mediocrity

  12. bERNAdETTEiRENEsALT says:

    That’s the originality of the black hole and the true fans of the raiders. You won’t get that in Las Vegas. Should’ve stayed loyal to da soil. Go Raiders!!!

    • Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT says:

      Akill Allah dffrence is that baseball parks are much less expensive by like 2 billion and the trash raiders were asking for 500 million in taxpayer money. I’d gladly help them pack and leave if they came to me with that bullshit

    • Shawn Heidingsfelder says:

      +Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT : Jerry Jones went 50/50 with the city of Arlington to build AT&T Stadium, and covered the overages, plus they improved the infrastructure and roads around the area. The city’s obligation was paid for in ten years, and now they have a much better situation than before. Perhaps Oakland and the rest of California should learn how to finance things properly, and then they’ll have nice things. That stadium was an embarrassment to both the NFL and MLB for decades. Why should any professional team want to stay in that situation? Oakland doesn’t deserve the teams it has. Raiders gave them two chances and they failed.

    • Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT says:

      Shawn Heidingsfelder You leave out the high tax rates that come in California and that the raiders owner is considered broke in the nfl. He doesn’t even have a net worth of a billion

  13. Jlooki says:

    We out here winning against the Broncos. Now let’s lose to the chiefs so we can end the season 4-12!!!

  14. David Ellis says:

    That Punt Return was the play of the year ! Merry ? and Happy New Year ? ?

  15. glennard coleman says:

    The Broncos need a whole new real team. They need a real coach, and a real quarterback.

  16. Efizz loves Madden says:

    possibly the final home game for the raiders I’m going to miss that stadium and this was a good win for the raiders and merry Christmas to everyone

  17. Linkz GP says:

    Looks like Gruden got control of the franchise once Reggie McKenzie left

  18. Ronald Knight says:

    Who else is tired of hearing about Khalil Mack every time the raiders play?

  19. Nick Anglin says:

    The raiders are 1-0 since signing Nate Peterman

  20. chipotlelover82 says:

    As a die hard Broncos fan, I have to say sorry to the Raiders fans that your squad is leaving Oakland. I’d be devastated if my Broncos ever left Denver.

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