Brooklyn Democratic Debate Cold Open – SNL

Brooklyn Democratic Debate Cold Open – SNL

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Larry David) field questions from real New Yorkers like Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Rachel Green (Vanessa Bayer) at their Brooklyn debate.

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20 Responses

  1. A Mishel says:

    Anybody that thought this was’t funny,
    1) Isn’t a Seinfeld fan
    2) There’s no 2.

  2. lazer t says:

    Gotta love the butthurt berniebros who can’t take a joke.

  3. Charlie says:

    Down vote the vid if you think SNL lost it’s integrity

  4. Xhoose says:

    I hope snl isn’t in support of Hilary. That would be a huge mood crusher
    while watching its skits.

  5. yellowbird30 says:

    Wow…..SNL……..way to throw Bernie under the bus!! NBC is so

  6. Aaron Pelchat says:

    Bernie has plans to break up the big banks, that takes a simple google
    search. Hillary gave a speech that she was paid 200k for to Wall St and
    refuses to release the transcript. Oh, thats also how much Bernie made in
    an ENTIRE YEAR, and Clinton made it in a day. Get your heads out of your
    asses SNL and if you are going to perform some satire, have your facts
    straight… #FeeltheBern

  7. MN509 says:

    WTF was that? Fuck SNL
    This is the kind of shit that’ll get Bernie supporters to not vote for that
    corporate shill

  8. CJSchecter96 says:

    All the sein references! Love it. Bernies getting upset was great!

  9. Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes says:

    Ya’ll childish af getting butthurt over satire on Bernie Sanders. They can
    make fun of every candidate with the exception of Bernie? Where would the
    fairness be in that? Redistribute the satire. We need satire equality and
    satire equity for democratic candidates. Why do the top 1% of all the
    Republican candidates get all of the satire at their expense? This was

  10. ranerk inasa says:

    Hillary doesnt have the black vote!! she only has the dumb vote!

  11. Luna says:

    He released his taxes the day after on Friday

  12. Andre Hobbs says:

    if you put money in the hands of the people imagine the dvd sales.

  13. BuNegi Chan says:

    Its just becoming way too obvious who snl backs

  14. Dallas Smith says:

    Who here misses John Belushi?… These writers are shills. The New York
    (endorses Clinton).debunked the entire ‘ How will you break up the banks’
    bullshit dialog by a tabloid paper..
    Fuck you SNL

  15. Potatohead827 says:

    oh man that sketch did not work. I’m not even mad about the politics of it
    or anything- it was either a dead audience or drained writers but something
    went wrong lol

  16. Carl Mack says:

    I like how in these debates, they only make Bernie look bad…which is
    funny, because if anyone watches the actual debates, Bernie is the one
    doing better in each of them

  17. Jake Krynock (rioPLAYBOY) says:

    the only good thing about the 2016 election. These skits

  18. 100popsongs says:

    I guarantee the majority of writers and the cast are Bernie supporters.

  19. Justin Fencsak says:

    This snl skit was horrible. Also the heroin one too.

  20. jimmysgirl1029 says:

    I don’t think they were trying to say “vote for Hillary” Larry David said
    it, coming out of character, as a rich man wanting to hold on to his money.
    You can see it from many angles. They also made fun of how skittish Hillary
    is. If anything they touched on some good Bernie qualities more so than