BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV is a new anime series consisting of five standalone episodes. BROTHERHOOD delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for the adventure players will set out upon in the action-packed RPG. Subsequent episodes will be released before the game’s launch. All episodes can be streamed for free.

All episodes will be available on YouTube here –

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20 Responses

  1. FartingSpider12 says:

    No! Don’t you all see what Square Enix is doing? Now we have to keep asking
    Square “When will the next episode be out?” and just like when we ask about
    their games, they’ll give us a “tentative release date” and then that
    release date will be pushed back but they’ll keep the hype alive with an
    amazing trailer and we’ll have to hold on hope that soon we’ll get what we
    were promised but that release date will constantly keep falling further
    and further away until the “next episode” becomes little more than a myth
    of dream just out of reach! They feed on our anticipation and grow stronger
    by the day while we suffer blindly in the hopes that our pain will be
    rewarded! You can’t keep getting away with this Square!

  2. Renato Raoh says:

    lol, what does sasuke here? wtf

  3. Emzii Royal says:

    so this is what sasuke dose when he not home

  4. Mithical Entertainment says:

    “I guess we can’t always be together…” – death flags already?! lol

  5. Ben Carroll says:

    why is sasuke in final fantasy?

  6. 「 Over HEAVEN」 says:

    Did That bitch in the diner call the cops?

  7. Adhi N says:

    God damn, noct, eat your veggies!!

  8. Water Storm says:

    Just fabulous !! I’m pretty sure the movie kingslaive will be shit compared
    to brotherhood !! *_*

  9. XIIIDante13 says:

    Damn that was much better than I was expecting to be frank. Looking forward
    to the next one. More and more excited for the game!

  10. HOMER GAMING says:

    Que manera de volver FINAL FANASY, recomiendo quien no lo haya visto, el
    evento de presentacion, totalmente brutal, han eclipsado todo juego que
    sale en 2016, no esperaba menos, FINAL FANTASY vuelve a brillar con fuerza

  11. ArgjentTV says:

    Asian animation movies are cool.Especially when i see hot animes there

  12. Cloud says:

    Best Anime 2k16 confirmed

  13. manel jaquim says:

    get rekt pc fags

  14. Adan Guietrrez says:


  15. Barry Farrell says:

    Ok now im excited

  16. Jordan Moore says:

    They’re making an anime of xv?

  17. VenRoss X says:


  18. Sir Winsalot says:

    What’s up with the weeaboo faggotry? Upload an English dub.

  19. Hung Truong says:

    *~pees a little’*

  20. Tipomisterioso says:

    Awesome ep! You can check my channel if you want to see more FF XV
    Brotherhood ep’s or be updated on FF XV news.