Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Last week after our little sister’s wisdom teeth surgery, we convinced her that a zombie outbreak had hit our city. Her reaction was priceless.

Sound Mixing: Isaac Apon

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20 Responses

  1. hospitalcleaner says:

    It’s just a prank bro

  2. TallahassZ Remington says:


  3. Jr McDonald says:

    Screw the dog…get my cat!!

    So mean. Hope she comes up with some good payback.

  4. Farrell Gaming says:

    I can say pants

  5. Inception2132 says:

    When it’s a zombie apocalypse, never EVER forget to tell your brother that
    he’s driving like a slug.


  6. Ashante Smalley says:

    cat or the dog?? “the cat you idiot” Lol should of picked the dog lol

  7. woodstoney says:

    Oh that poor girl! You guys just wait…revenge is no doubt coming…you
    just don’t know when! 😉 Good gag!!

  8. Orion Red says:

    I just wanted to say you guys are total a-holes!

  9. Liam O says:

    Fucking Imgur brought me to this, did not disappoint.

  10. Abby Davis (Crafty Lady Abby) says:

    Good choice on the cat & cake.

  11. dave m says:

    You are so very very cruel.
    And so very very funny.
    We love you, Millicent.

  12. Glenn Webb says:

    Too funny! Thanks for the laugh. But curse you for leading me to google
    what funfetti is and now I really want it!

  13. Phandonalds says:


  14. Ryan Prew says:


  15. The Great Punkster says:

    poor fucking dog. he gets no love from this family…stupid assholes. lol

  16. pimpninja1985 says:

    Leaving the dog b/c it’s old and dying? You’ll be u under those meds for
    the next 10 hours, thus useless in a zombie outbreak. If this were real and
    your brothers smart, they should leave her as she would just slow them
    down. That way she can keep company to her drying dog she so willingly left

  17. preston wheeler says:

    the look on her face is priceless. .. wtf did I just hear ?

  18. Philanthrophxyz says:

    Most people don’t realize the value of garden equipment during a Zombie
    Garden Warfare has been proven to be the most effective defense against
    Zombies Outbreaks.

    Trust me I know…I’ve played the game.

  19. The LAD Bible says:

    Just seen this. Brilliant!
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  20. dezastruos says: