Browns Convert Early Interception into 6! | Vikings vs. Browns | NFL Week 8 Highlights

Browns Convert Early Interception into 6! | Vikings vs. Browns | NFL Week 8 Highlights

Browns defensive end Carl Nassib deflects a pass that turns into a Cleveland interception setting up the early touchdown run by Isaiah Crowell.

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54 Responses

  1. visionary. says:

    the browns scored 0.o

  2. Boss Man says:

    I hope the browns win today

  3. I’m a Man says:

    Good job Browns!

  4. Quibol0 says:

    but then they fumbled the punt 😂

  5. WILD DAWG says:

    Wait no views and 6 likes youtube is drunk

  6. Fenthon A. says:

    Super Bowl bound????

  7. Justin Sanders says:

    Who’s gonna be the first team to win a game, the 49ers or the browns😂

    • Jacob Blue says:

      Justin Sanders browns today and v the 49ers

    • Kellan Gaming says:

      Chaos gaming I don’t want the Browns to go 0-16 either. I’m a slight Browns fan.

    • Ser Josh says:

      Justin Sanders honestly the 49ers. They have Carlos Hyde and they execute quite well. Have any of you seen them play this year all there games are quite close. For example the rams are great right?? And the 49ers almost won that game same with the Colts they only lost by a field goal. That’s how there season is going is close but not quite there lol. This coming from a titans fan

    • Justin Sanders says:

      Ser Josh I watched the 49ers once this year when they played the cowboys… wasn’t close at all they got murdered, 49ers need to press charges after that ass whoopin

    • Ser Josh says:

      Justin Sanders yeah I should’ve said most games lol but still I think they play better then the browns so I expect them to have at least one win before the browns

  8. Nicholas Jackson says:

    If Browns win can you say #Upsetoftheyear

  9. Josh Johnson says:

    first browns touchdown since 2005

  10. AJMIckna2010 says:

    Of course they missed the extra point, it’s the friggin’ Cleveland Browns!

  11. Cam Cannon says:

    This almost didn’t seem like the Cleveland Browns until they missed the FG

  12. Jett Frank says:

    Cleveland’s throwing a party! Saying maybe we can go 1-15!

  13. Aaron Rodgers #GOAT #12Hunnit #Clutch says:

    Browns > Patriots

  14. Pink Ant says:

    Browns lost I just know like if you agree 0.o

  15. Leo Shakur says:

    Do the Browns have a winnable game in the rest of their season.?

  16. xevangz says:

    Cro finally scored a TD and I benched him over Ajayi 😭

  17. Godly God says:

    We really need Bradford to recover

  18. Tourniquet Now says:

    Any racist millionaires kneeling for their Marxist slavers in this contest?

  19. Jack Sin says:

    i once made an interception like that but the ball was thrown so hard i almost displaced my finger lol

  20. Cesar Alvarado says:

    New *Wikileaks* documents reveal massive Trump donations to the Church of Scientology and frequent back door communications. “Operating Thetan.”

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