Browns vs. Jets Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

Browns vs. Jets Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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88 Responses

  1. Quamari Mchenry says:

    HC: how many times do you want to run leveon.

    OC: yes

  2. Spectrum says:

    Basically browns vs Jamal Adams and Leveon Bell

  3. Exhausted Elox says:

    Miles Garrett was in the Jets backfield so often he bought a second house there.

  4. Luke Connors says:

    The Browns have a better record than the Steelers now lmao ?

  5. John Smith says:

    At least the Jets defense and LeVeon Bell tried to compete. Did you see the absolutely pathetic football the Dolphins showed?!

  6. Diego541 says:

    The Jets Offensive Line is worst I’ve ever seen! They don’t block anyone! #Jetsroffensive

  7. Daniel Findley says:

    Honestly #8 for the Jets had some nice throws. Give him a full week as the QB in practice he might be decent for the Jets.

  8. Israel Escobedo says:

    The 3rd string QB did pretty well for his position. And Bell carrying the Damn team playing Madden Solos??

    • Tony Micel says:

      Jets at NE next. 50-0 is inevitable. Jets clueless Garrett is schooling the tackle and Jets don’t double him. Prayers don’t work. Jets blew it last year. Lamar Jackson was the QB to get. And keep all those 2nd round picks.

    • Masen Stevens says:

      Probably both the best hurdle and spin of the season by the same guy in the same game. That screen he cut back was almost huge too

    • Gavin F. says:

      @Tony Micel Yeah I would say without CJ Mosley the Pats are gonna have a field day

  9. warewolven says:

    This looks Exactly what I thought a Browns/Jets game would look like.

  10. ItsSupermanDoe says:

    This game was way closet than it had any right to be they were playing against a 3rd string qb

    • AlwaysUp Gaming says:

      And that’s exactly why they only scored 3 points all game?? You sound stupid ngl

    • Francisco Davis says:

      @AlwaysUp Gaming if you watched the game, you’d be surprised they even scored over 20. They did not look good most of the game on offense

    • David Johnston says:

      Not true i dont think the browns offense is even that good. Overhyped really

    • Tank Mims says:

      Jus keep in mind most ppl aren’t giving action Jackson his props for beating bottom tier teams……so this game does the Browns no justice especially a team with its 3rd string qb although he showed flashes!!!!! The hypocrisy is real!!!!

    • Npc_Hydra3 says:

      @Tank Mims Yeah and let’s be honest if you look at last year when everyone was excited they went 7-8-1 Mayfield only beat sub .500 teams, well he beat one playoff team but that was the ravens early in the season with flacco and they were 4-5 with him so not even the same 10-6 team later in the season. Actually Mayfield lost to the Jackson led team later in the season. So far Mayfield and the Browns are yet to beat a team over .500 because I don’t even think the jets will go .500 this season with all the problems they have. But you know no one ever brings that up about Mayfield by the way they talk you would think he’s out there beating the Pats or the Chiefs. Oh well we will see because Baker has to play the rams next week and then he has to play the Pats at Foxborough and that’s when we will see if the browns are actually good.

  11. RUSTY NAIL says:

    Jets are terrible Sunday they go to New England Yikes

  12. 12MAN NATION says:

    Myles garett. Was in the jets backfield so much he decided to make a campfire and pitch a tent ??

  13. allbrosdjay says:

    Mayfield going to get one of his Receivers killed if he keeps doing what he’s doing.

  14. Sentinel creed says:

    Baker settle down there buddy…not everything has to be a deep pass

  15. EkkoHolic says:

    Browns vs LeVeon Bell Week 2 Highlights

  16. Animelytical says:

    Le’Veon Bell is their QB now. Those Steelers should have paid him what he wanted.

    • thelegendsqb1 says:

      Donte Moncrief is the worst WR in the league

    • Todd Harris says:

      @Alibaba Saluja, Ju Ju makes plays, so his TDs will come, but keyboard pansies like you would not understand that it’s a process. Doubtful that you’ve ever gotten on a football field in your life…

    • Adam Ward says:

      thelegendsqb1 it’s annoying that Rudolph’s interception actually counts because moncrief has flippers for hands??

    • zZuntouchableZz says:

      Alibaba Saluja I like the Fitzpatrick pick up. It’s going to be tuff getting Jalen Ramsey from Jacksonville since they want a First Rounder for him.

    • Dwood Wow says:

      Jason Strom stfu he can make demands when he was the work load

  17. Animelytical says:

    The Browns are simultaneously looking talented and not great.

  18. Detroit Trap Music says:

    Myles Garrett kills Trevor Siemien at 4:09 , Watch at .25 speed lol

  19. WMDistraction says:

    I really liked these Browns v. Le’veon Bell highlights.

  20. Most BEAUTIFUL Youtuber says:

    This game does the Browns no justice they still struggled in a way

    • jUxtApOsEd2wIn S says:

      23 points.

      I love how people just forget defense exists…. The Jets stopped us from getting more points. That simple. They have a decent pass rush and their secondary did a good job cutting off passing lanes.

      Ok… So Jets offense sucks… Against a bad defense, even the Jets would score more points than 3….

      What we have is a well balanced squad with an elite defense (a little too aggressive but time will tame them a bit) and a 2nd year quarterback behind a shitty O-Line. I don’t care what team we just beat by 20 points… We just won by 20 points on the road in game 2 with 325 yards passing…..

      That’s called a beatdown, son. Yes… the Browns delivered a beatdown to an opposing team on the road in week 2…. Get over it. Your arguments suck. You’re lame. You don’t know football… Or… You’re just a hater.

    • Gmoney Anthony says:

      @Julian Michaelson against the jets handicap team they did struggle lmfao. They had more field goals than TDs

    • chrisXD turtle says:

      They look good to me dont see what everyone’s expecting from a franchise that is known to struggle

    • Richard McCraw says:

      @Gmoney Anthony really don’t know what had tell you this it’s a game of Point not possessions. Two touchdowns is worth more than three field goals. When you make them all together that makes the total score. I know you easterners have a hard time doing math. The rest of us here in the Homeland. Understand you win games by scoring points no matter how the hell you get them. Course you know you always think you’re more Superior than what you are. Go Browns

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