Bruce Jenner: “How Does My Story End?” | A Diane Sawyer Exclusive (Promo)

Bruce Jenner: “How Does My Story End?” | A Diane Sawyer Exclusive (Promo)

Bruce Jenner sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer that will air on Friday April 24 at 9pm EST on ABC.

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20 Responses

  1. Tavasia Anderson says:

    I understand that Bruce feels like he was not happy with his gender but
    people should think about these things BEFOFE THEY HAVE CHILDREN. How do
    you marry someone, and have children with them and just turn around and
    change your gender. Bruce may have felt lost but what I see is selfishness

  2. JoYoJoYoJoYoJo says:

    My God, you fucking Americans are fucking degenerates of the worst kind. No
    wonder 9/11 happened…

  3. Imma Turkey says:

    Is Bruce Jenner a women or man

  4. Eileen LeValley says:

    OMG……. Creepy

  5. Nazrin Nazman says:

    People are starting to refer to Bruce as she and her omg I can’t 

  6. forbes mag says:

    “How does my story end?”

    Quickly, I hope. Degenerate freak.

  7. refugiorod says:

    Pendejo! Just like the majority of society… always looking to belong to a
    certain crowd, an image without putting into consideration the shame they
    put thier loved ones through.. pendejos!!!! Followers of a lost cause.
    Stopping feeding your needs and think of others.. selfishness will never be
    at peace… 

  8. True Films says:

    Sheesh.. why are we so interested in what this man is doing. This is wierd
    and all of you know it.

  9. vascarplus says:

    He actually looks kinda alright as a chick. I’m a fat asshole and he’s even
    out of my league

  10. vascarplus says:

    Hope he puts out a post op sex tape. …I would watch that shit..

  11. Cooley Bros says:

    In my opinion… He had so many plastic surgeries that people said he
    started to look like a girl… So he was like… Screw it, I’ll just make
    people think I’m going transgender …. And now he’s prolly been persuaded
    into doing it…but all these peopl on tv are sick in the mind anyways..

  12. chica2030 says:


  13. Alberich De Megrez says:


  14. Whitney Williams says:

    Way to go bruce !! Keep your head up high !!! Your fans will still love
    you! !!

  15. Brianna Alexis says:

    I’m all for happiness however I feel like having your life displayed on
    reality television has a huge part of it…

  16. 8481cmoss says:

    Bruce was like, “If I can’t beat em, I’ll join em” lmfao

  17. Josh Gómez says:

    Looks awesome

  18. mia babic says:

    Who cares about Bruce Jenner? He’s already so privileged in this world, why
    do people care so much about this ridiculously rich family. There are so
    many more interesting intelligent people and they want to see HIM?! Just
    look at his fucking plastic face, how much do you think that cost? 

  19. julio hernandez says:

    she’s a brave human

  20. stuckIN801 says:

    Dude looks like a lady…