Bruce Springsteen opens Brooklyn show with Purple Rain

Bruce Springsteen opens Brooklyn show with Purple Rain

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20 Responses

  1. John Hunt says:

    A wonderful tribute to Prince from one of the greats of rock ‘n’ roll. Well

  2. JayF Official says:

    Great Version! And first time i hear Nils Lofgren can really actually play
    the Guitar ­čśŤ :-)´╗┐

  3. Remus Shepherd says:

    That guitar solo. That’s how you say goodbye to a rock god.´╗┐

  4. patt brown says:

    What a HUMBLE, yet magnificent tribute to Prince performed by Bruce & Nils.
    Well done without a lot of flash & frill.One can feel the RESPECT in their
    music. Brought me to tears.´╗┐

  5. Bard The Bowman says:

    lmao prince is rotting´╗┐

  6. Stu Nod says:

    Leaves the solo to Nils? I guess he is a better guitarist…´╗┐

  7. suzieQ casey says:

    well done bruce you sang it beautifully ­čĹî´╗┐

  8. Adriana Irrera says:

    The boss forever number 1´╗┐

  9. Carlonna Brown says:

    Listen! I think I hear the Big Man’s sax The Heavenly band Just keeps
    getting better.´╗┐

  10. Brutus Alwaysmind says:

    Thumbs up for THE ENTIRE tribute.´╗┐

  11. Harbaksh1234 says:


  12. Nicky Halloran says:

    would love to see him to When Doves Cry or 1999–yowza–since it can’t
    actually be Prince.. (actually Nicky’s mom!)´╗┐

  13. Mike S says:

    Kinda sounds like Prince forcing out a crap. Huuuuu puuuurple Raaaayn!!!!´╗┐

  14. Rajith Maligaspe says:

    That was beautiful, thanks Boss… Rest In Peace Prince :'(´╗┐

  15. Free Reign Network says:

    The whole song? As soon as I thought i was Ok, Im in tears again! Bruce is
    Boss for a Reason because He is Boss!´╗┐

  16. Marco Sassoli says:

    superiore anche all’originale che gi├á era stellare!
    r.i.p. Prince.´╗┐

  17. Debbie M says:

    ‘The Boss’!!!! – Wow!!! RIP Prince´╗┐

  18. North West Iberia Wine Tours says:

    You’d have to be mean spirited numpty to give this the thumbs down.

  19. lsly R says:


  20. Kervis Caraballo says:

    Freaking AWESOME!!!!!!´╗┐