Bryan Cranston Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Bryan Cranston Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

“Had ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ been picked up for an eighth season, someone else would’ve played Walter White.” Bryan Cranston breaks down a few of his most iconic characters from ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Your Honor,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘All the Way.’

Season 2 of Your Honor premieres January 13 on Showtime

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Talent – Bryan Cranston
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00:00 “I am the one who knocks”
00:26 Breaking Bad
04:15 Malcolm in the Middle
07:40 Seinfeld
09:20 Your Honor
11:34 Drive
16:26 Saving Private Ryan
19:00 All the Way

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27 Responses

  1. originaozz says:

    I love how Bryan approached his character in relation to his counterpart. It really goes to show that he thought of the overall story and how to enhance everyone else. Just a brilliant actor.

  2. Robert Tinsey - VRS Satellite Racing says:

    It’s insane how large of a range Bryan has. Extremely funny and slapstick to ultra serious and dramatic.

  3. Kiwi says:

    Malcolm in the middle is one of the best sitcoms ever made. What a character and what a show. It was genuinely funny with incredible writing and incredible characters. One of the only shows where nearly every single side character is just as funny and quirky as the main cast. Everyone is amazing in it.

  4. welcometotheclipshow says:

    I rewatch Malcolm in the Middle start to finish every couple years and every time I am blown away by how good that show is and how amazing Bryan Cranston portrays that role. Pure acting and comedy genius. Also Malcom in the Middle may be my favorite series finale episode of all time

  5. chilis fan says:

    His portrayal of Hal is so underrated because of how good he played Walter

  6. TDS says:

    Love how real he is with his answers.

    The tell of how talented an actor is you look at their comedic talent. Comedic acting is the hardest thing to pull off well and he consistently has throughout his career.

  7. Pierre Montariol says:

    One of the rare tv show actor that deserves every awards he’ve won over the years against great competition as well. A true TV GOAT

  8. Sun Shine says:

    Haven’t seen Malcom in the Middle since it was canceled. The roller skating episode was hilarious & unforgettable.

  9. Harvey Marckson says:

    Cranston is a master at giving his characters depth. Truly an actor at the very core.

  10. Based says:

    Bryan Cranston is one of the most wholesome, not just actors but human beings to ever live.🙏

    • Lois Cassels says:

      I love how he seeks his wife’s council. “We’re together”.

    • Fred Duba says:

      Why whyyyyy people get amazed about celebrities. Sure, he’s a great actor, but he’s human also, which means at least half of him is flawed, just like anyone else. Stop jerking off to famous people like if they were some kind of deity.

    • Sun Shine says:

      @ploopy The likelihood of anyone, in our lifetime, being anything less than mediocre, is minuscule.

    • Sun Shine says:

      @ACID BONSAI Honestly, the only one you mentioned, that I’ve ever heard of is Jim Carey. And as much as I like him, he’s never seemed very well-centered, & he can be over-the-top annoying.

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