BSR SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K

BSR SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K

Filmed and edited by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner


Thanks to TopNotchTommy for providing GoPro shots: @topnotchtommy

Song: Memories That You Call
Artist: ODESZA

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20 Responses

  1. Lukas Mol says:

    All fun and games until the black community comes and the police show’s
    up….. oops, that was a bad joke. “Sponsored by your lefties media!”

  2. illznik2 says:

    Can I do this on a snowboard?

  3. Merkury S says:


  4. Анастасия Житаренко says:

    someone tell me where it can be found, i wanna move right now

  5. danish hashmi says:

    and i’m just sitting here…

  6. danicsol says:

    compared to older videos this is like a rocket launch of better quality.
    Very nice.

  7. Yan Ma says:

    What is that song!?

  8. Ask says:


  9. Papersnake says:

    What people with rich parents do. Jezz.

  10. Brice Milleson says:

    Really well done guys! Especially love the color correction and slow
    motion. Hoping I could have been some inspiration for you! 😉 haha

  11. Rob Cockerham says:

    I really enjoyed this. It’s easy to forget how important the music is in a

  12. LeDouxTube says:

    I feel lethargic after watching this video. I don’t know if it’s because
    I’m not out having fun on a water slide, or because the entire video was in

  13. aaronsbot says:

    This is beautiful! LOVE the grade! keep it up! more plz!

  14. Kama18 says:

    This video feel incredibly vain to me

  15. coronablurr says:

    New rule, all men must shave their chests before being allowed on water

  16. GODZ STR8SHOOTER02 says:

    no fat people….was expecting good splats

  17. Wes Kretzschmar says:

    Wow. There must have been an open casting call for hot girls and douche bag

  18. Marcus Licata says:

    not one hispanic Indian Asian Italian or black!WTF!

  19. Bob Kosgak says:

    Based on the novel “Big Ass Waterslide” by John Green
    Coming this summer:
    “Big Ass Waterslide: The Movie”

  20. DJ Smith says:

    kid @1:49 looks like leonardo dicaprio!!