BTR Worldwide 2020

BTR Worldwide 2020

These challenging times around the world have made us want to connect with all of you so much. They have also made us want to stay connected with each other. We got inspired to record and sing together again seeing how many smiles our check in video created weeks back. We spent some time recently recording one of our favorite songs (safely apart) and wanted to share it with you all as our small way of saying thank you. We are sending love to all of you WORLDWIDE. Please take care of yourselves, take care of each other, pls take care of all of your fellow neighbors. We’ll be thinking about you.

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46 Responses

  1. LexLovesLos says:

    Love you all! The boys and I had so much fun making this! Hope you are all hanging in there. Just know we are thinking about all of you 🙂

  2. Natalie Cantu says:

    their voices go together so well, they aged like the finest of wines

  3. Kyndall Hyman says:

    It’s so good. This level of artistry, the emotion, the vocals! THIS is true art this belongs in a museum to observed permanently in all stages of humanity!!


  4. Angie Barrientos says:

    2:53 who else was waiting for James to belt him that high note?

  5. Simone says:

    Omg…. I’m in actual tears. These guys were such an important part of my life and got me through really rough times. I’ve been rewatching the show and the memories that are linked to them are so good. This made me so happy ❤️

    • HOT PURSUIT95 says:

      Honestly it’s so comforting to hear them again, where do ya watch the series btw?

    • Rashi Patel says:

      HOT PURSUIT95 there’s a website I use it’s called and it has btr and a bunch of other shows and movies.

    • Rashi Patel says:

      Also same I’ve been rewatching as well 🙂 this made me so happy. I have tears down my face.

  6. Kendra K says:

    Logan’s voice has so much potential to be so famous 😭😭

  7. Alberto Leal says:

    Escucharlos de nuevo es como una caricia al alma, un recuerdo muy hermoso, en verdad gracias por esto.
    Me hicieron volver a mi infancia, a cuando escuchaba su música y veía su serie, de verdad soy un Rusher de corazón desde pequeño, lágrimas de felicidad han salido gracias a esto. ♥️

  8. Cassie Hansen says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one CRYING and SHAKING.

  9. Jeen C. Brito J. says:

    Estoy realmente feliz, por que ellos fueron parte de la etapa más feliz de mi vida junto a mi abuelita, esta canción me trae hermosos recuerdos. Los amo. ❤

  10. Madeleine Stone says:

    It took me how many years to wait for a full reunion and let me just say…. it was 100% worth it

  11. Kate Bell says:

    This just made me realize that seeing them in concert was the peak of my life and everything was downhill after that

  12. Dancer Fran says:

    This brought back so many memories and emotions, i never thought a song could be so powerful, it truly made my day (and my year) to hear the boys sing together again, specially because i met them in 2014 when they had already split up (that didn’t prevent me from being OBSSESED with them for years after that) my heart now is complete, this video means so much to me, i dont have enough words to express it. Thankyou so so so much. I knew that you would forever have my heart too 💜

  13. brent filamy gunvsgun says:

    my son is your #1 fan, he has down syndrome and can sing everyone of your songs!!! we are so excited to see this!!!

  14. Number 20 says:

    i love how everyone is in like a professional studio and logan is just vibing on the couch

  15. giannamaria says:


  16. Sir Noelia says:

    Llorando de la emoción, recordando buenos tiempos y recordándo amistades que hice gracias a la familia Rusher por siempre RUSHER FOR EVER 💓💓💓💓

  17. Angiie Gonzalez says:

    Chicos me hicieron el día con sus hermosas voces, me encanto que cantaran juntos otra vez, el show era simplemente fantastico, disfrutaba cada episodio y las canciones super increibles me hubiera fascinado verlos en concierto, sigan cantando y regalenos otra colaboración musical hay más canciones de BTR esperando a ser interpretadas no sean malos chicos, complazcanos nuevamente, 😁😌🥰🥰😘😍😍🥳🥳🥳 con mi comentario espero que esten concientes que havemos muchas fans latina esperando por ustedes 😉😉😉😉😉

    • Mónica Martínez Castro says:

      También los extraño mucho, me quedé con ganas de asistir a un concierto de ellos, solo oírlos se me reinicio la vida, una verdadera joya la que nos a dejado el covid-19 gracias BIG TIME RUSH ❤️
      #RusherForever 🥺❤️

  18. Kassie Armendariz says:

    the people who disliked obviously didn’t live through the BTR era.

  19. Martin Bertel says:

    Me: Waiting pretty much 6 years for a reunion

    BTR: 3:49 minutes of video

    Me: It was worthy every damn second

  20. Macey Catherine Elizabeth says:

    I am crying at the fact that James is singing next his wall of BTS things. Also crying because of Logan’s face and his voice

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