BTS (방탄소년단) 코로나19 국민 응원 메시지 COVID-19 Message [Stay Strong! Stay Connected!]

BTS (방탄소년단) 코로나19 국민 응원 메시지 COVID-19 Message [Stay Strong! Stay Connected!]

#StayConnected #힘내세요_아미 #힘내라_대한민국
#힘내라_대구경북 #우리의응원을이어주세요 #StayStrong_ARMY #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence

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50 Responses

  1. army_limelight_4 life says:

    Here in Algeria, the condition is getting worse and worse every single day, the cases are growing more than I thought… I’m just so sad that this virus killed a lot of people in my country and many other people in other countries and it’s still going… I just wanted to say, no matter where you live and even tho we can’t see eachother I’m here for you, Army’s are always there for eachother, please stay safe and take care of yourselves ♥
    I purple u army and Bts 💜💜
    Stay safe bts we love you 💗💗

  2. Jimin Jest Mojąm Unwritten Rule says:

    This made me cry I’m in isolation for 2 weeks now and I know people have spent more than that alone but still I think everyone is becoming lonely at this point. Hearing them say that they’re supporting us all just made me emotional and the fact that they performed in front of empty seats, this all seems almost like a apocalypse in some way. I hope they stay healthy and I hope they’ll have their world tour at some point maybe next year or when Coronavirus has died down. I will definitely take one of them empty seats then💜 until then everyone….💜💜💜💜💜

    • Djamillah Blaaser says:

      yes it made me emotional too because maybe the cant do the concert in my country and i was waiting so long for them to come too my country that if they dont come or become sick im gonna cry

    • cherrygood 621 says:

      Be safe 🙏

    • LetsBiiny says:

      I started chatting with some fellow students of mine while playing Minecraft and it has helped a ton! Maybe you can find/organize something like this with your friends 🙂 wish you the best and all the strength!

    • just someone says:

      Same, I really hope this gets better

    • Jimin Jest Mojąm Unwritten Rule says:

      Thank you guys for your comments love you all💜😊😊

  3. Ħæ __ lẩ says:

    احبكم بانغتان 💜💜
    وبتمنى يتجاوز العالم هاذ الفايروس ويبقى آمن ❤️

  4. shanti cilli says:

    I’m from Italy and here the situation is really bad, we’ve been in quarantine for weeks now and sometimes I get really bored or sad. I’m happy you sent this massage. Everybody stay strong💪❤️❤️❤️

  5. berry_ taehyung says:

    As BTS once said,

    “If you believe me, 1, 2, 3
    Still, I hope there are way more good days”

    Please everyone, stay indoors and stay healthy! Hoping the virus will end soon 💗💞

  6. KPOP Game says:

    Kim namgoon🌌
    Kim sookjin🌌
    Min yonge🌌
    Kim taeyoung🌌

  7. 미나ᅳ見な says:

    Mmmm ya, hay que lavarnos las manos con agua y jabón. No entendí nada pero OKEY :’D

  8. miss unicorn says:

    Everyone don’t forget to take care of yourself and eat healthy food to strengthen your immune system! Try to get a lot of sleep, eat vegetables, fruits and drink loooootsss of water and tea 🙂
    (don’t skip your meals <3)

    I made a list for the "corona-break“, so for people who are bored and need ideas here it is:

    -maybe, just MAYBE trying to work out (doing sports helps your immune system!!)
    -read the books I never had the time to read
    -Write a Story
    -read Webtoon
    -do homework and study a little bit
    -watch good series, dramas, shows & movies (you can recommend some :D)
    -decluttering & decorating my room
    -play video games/computer games (sims, league of legends..)
    -Listen to loud music and dance to it 💃🏻

    Take care, stay healthy, stay at home and have a good time!!💜

    • LetsBiiny says:

      miss unicorn i want to add things:
      – Gaming
      – learning card tricks
      – sewing
      – if you know an instrument: play it again 🙂
      – puzzles

  9. Fra. Aka says:

    I’m an italian army, i think i can speak for all the italian armys and say that we really appreciate this gesture on your part, army! Bts! Fighting!🇮🇹❤🇰🇷

  10. 1 subs before 2022 says:

    Bts:Stay strong,army
    Army:Stay strong,BTS

  11. Loren Benitez says:

    Soy ARMY desde Ecuador, las cosas actualmente están difíciles en todo el mundo, y escuchar las palabras de BTS realmente me anima mucho ahora y me tranquiliza saber que ellos están bien. Además quiero hacer todo lo posible por seguir en este mundo y seguir apoyando a todos los miembros de BTS

  12. can i get 1 subscriber says:

    Ours boys are doing so well:
    “I’m proud of you Namjoon
    “I’m proud of you Seokjin
    “I’m proud of you yoongi
    “I’m proud of you Hoseok
    “I’m proud of you jimin
    “I’m proud of you Taehyung
    “I’m proud of you jungkook”

    “I’m proud of you BTS”

    ( a small YouTuber is Here )

  13. Ash says:

    “These are times we need trust more than doubt and care more than anger…”-Well said JK!

    Wishing good health to all international ARMY from the U.S.! States are starting to go on lock-down. It is a scary time but we must support each other.

  14. Emma Xeo says:

    Scottish army here, not yet in lockdown but we’ve been told to prepare for it as deaths are doubling. Scotland sends our prayers to all countries and those who are effected by this. To our brothers and sister in Italy, the videos of strong-hearted citizens singing from the balconies shows hope and we thank you for the positivity that you bring. To the rest of Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa, we’re thinking of you, and waiting for better days alongside you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  15. shockofthenew says:

    ARMY let’s put our hands together (virtually) and do our own cheer 💜💜💜
    ARMY fighting!!!
    Bangtan fighting!!!
    Everyone fighting!!!
    Sending love and solidarity to all of you, your friends, relatives and communities. Let’s stay safe, and stay strong together 💜

  16. me ceot me ceot says:

    ارمي العرب اثبتو وجودكم
    كيم نامجون
    كيم سوكجين
    مين يونقي
    جونغ هوسوك
    بارك جيمين
    كيم تايهونغ
    جيون جونغكوك
    #ارمي العرب
    قلوب بنفسجية 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  17. mili ria says:

    Im so sad for the people who’ve been touched by the virus and as a lot of people this quarantine is really hard… i hate being lonely and my depression started getting worse. This video of my favorite humans is like a fresh breath for me ❤️
    Stay safe
    Stay home
    Call all your friends and family to make sure they’re getting the help they need
    I love you fellow armys 💗
    I love you precious bts 💗

  18. Khansa Alia says:

    i’m from indonesia,condition here really scary everyday people affected by corona are increasing and it make me scared the doctor and nurse are work really hard to treat the patient and they really overwhelmed.
    handsanitizer and mask being really expensive
    so lets fight corona by always wash our hands,stay at home,and eat healthy food.
    stay strong and don’t give up army. i purple you!💜

  19. Maissa Andoo says:

    Jin: Standing on a stage facing empty seats, we realize how precious each moment with you was.
    Me: I love you too.. <3

  20. suga is everything says:

    *Those dislikes show that there is still heartless people they are literally talking about* *staying strong and you guys dislike it? I’m just speechless* *because those peopls showed us that BTS is getting hate for NOTHING*

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