BTS (방탄소년단) ‘BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE’ Official Trailer (Tear ver.)

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE’ Official Trailer (Tear ver.)

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49 Responses


    If you love *_Kim Taehyung_* please make this button blue. I wanna see something.

  2. JEON Junggeuk says:

    It will be a much more intimate telling of how BTS and ARMYs had been together… what had we’ve been through… the wins, the laughters and tears.
    Just the same, we love and support Bangtan for always.

  3. ارمي شكوبسطانية says:

    Army’s please stre**am boy with luv ..To reach 500m

  4. anna datu zen says:

    Kim taehyung I love you your my life my inspiration my only idol you the reason why I’m always happy we purple you

  5. BTS are simply legends says:

    Im going to watch this masterpiece❤️
    how many ARMY’S are going to watch it?? ❤️❤️

  6. Maliha Azeem says:

    hey , Taehyung you are doing great, keep going, BTS wouldn’t be here without you , LOVE, saranghae!!!!!

    • Almas -sii says:

      @Angel who ? Bigshit?

    • Almas -sii says:

      @Angel bighit is a very shitty company?how can they do this.they should their management to the one who put ot7 there …
      I didn’t that was the reason but yall don’t need to take revenge from members they have done nothing they love tae as much as we armys loves him and tae loves them back too.

    • Angel says:

      @Almas -sii no voxcinema did I just checked the website! I just hope this “mistake” doesn’t happen again

    • Almas -sii says:

      @Angel ohk

    • Angel says:

      @Almas -sii yeah I don’t understand how tae was their secret weapon but all this stuff is happening. I don’t hate bighit but the first time is a mistake but after that it’s on purpose

  7. мιlкү ωαү says:

    *you and i the moment we shared*


  8. Zara Zoya says:

    Do you love Kim Taehyung ( V )
    ??? ???
    Yes – like
    No – ignore

  9. mansi says:

    BTS and ARMY is one family?.. (like if u agree )

  10. ariahs angelsx says:

    Hater: how is BTS even successful?
    Army: maybe because they’re such a…

    …Bighit <3

  11. Dear, 팬 says:

    Taehyung love you so much ??

    I love you taehyung

  12. Gg Gg says:

    So you like bts?

  13. Nuzul Faizzatul says:

    Who bias kim taehyung (V)????????
    No-leave a comments

    • BTS are simply legends says:

      I love them all not just one ♥

    • *Kpop fan entered the chat* says:

      Nuzul Faizzatul too hard to have a bias ?

    • Zamari Evans says:

      I don’t have a bias cause I’ve BEEN WRECKED BY ALL OF THEM
      But I still left a like

    • BTS are simply legends says:

      @*Kpop fan entered the chat* EXACTLY I LOVE YOU ARMY ❤️❤️??

    • BTS are simply legends says:

      @Zamari Evans I love you 2❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️im exited to watch the movie YEEEEES❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️??❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️??❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?????

  14. ARMY Leshuga BTS :v says:

    Do you Love Kim Taehyung.!??

    Yes: Like ♥
    No: Ignore

  15. Kpop Yowa says:

    taehyung you are perfect
    make this blue if u purple kim taehyung king?

  16. Svampbob Fyrkant says:

    When tae cried it breaks my heart into pieces… army and bts will be strong together..
    Blood sweat and tears
    We will get through anything
    Because we are bulletproof ?

  17. Lazy Lilith says:

    Taehyung-ah I love you and will always support you… we are here for you..borahae ????

  18. Vimin_gucciChimChim says:

    My baby V?❤️❤️ who is sad about Jin leaving *BTS* and going to the military ?????❤️??❤️?❤️

  19. Ozuna & Anuel AA says:

    Who loves TAE??❤

    Yes = Like
    No = ?

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