BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)’ MV

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)’ MV

“다시 널 찾을거야, 운명처럼?”
BTS WORLD OST 타이틀 ‘Heartbeat’ MV
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35 Responses

  1. Alana Wade says:

    I’m literally crying right now. Wasn’t prepared for this attack today but ok.?✊??????

  2. Ina says:

    This… My heart… My mind… I think I’m getting emotional… this is so beautiful yet so sad??

  3. NKS mashup says:

    This is killing me…This is like a new world, more precisely a NEW UNIVERSE!!!
    Thank you so much for creating such a great game as well for loving us, ARMYs this much…we are really so lucky to stan our kings

  4. 이시 도라 says:

    Wow! Encerio me mato el M/V
    La canción…
    El vídeo…
    Me pusieron hasta nostálgica

  5. Jin Seok says:

    Realmente se lucieron con esta canción, no esperaba tanto la verdad, pero me han echo llorar y amarlos aún más, me han echo recordar el porque los sigo y porque quiero llevarlos aún más alto, gracias por tanto

  6. Sarah Bts says:

    I NEVER CRIED SO HARD?????. I don’t know what to do or who I would be if they never met each other. BTS are changing people’s lives in a positive way because of their existence ???✊??????

  7. stephanie says:

    i could never imagine bts not together even just typing this is breaking my heart i love you bts you released another bop ?

    • Mary joy says:

      stephanie, well don’t imagine that, because somewhere in our heart they will always be together

  8. 민윤기 says:

    While I wasn’t there for BTS’s debut, I have stayed with them ever since I found them and am glad to be a part of this fandom. And, because most armys weren’t able to be apart of BTS’s debut, the game takes us all the way back to 2012, a year just before they debuted. I know, while we may have not gotten to be able to actually see BTS’s debut, the game makes it able for armys to be able to see most of BTS’s experiences since their debut, and that’s something I think is absolutely amazing.

  9. javi 1187 says:



    I love this new song and my bias (Jimin) looks more beautiful

  10. Majda Křížová says:

    Oh my god… so like they once said – if they weren’t together in BTS, Tae is now a farmer, JK does boxing, Jimin dances, Jhope is with his pets, Jin works in a hotel, RM does music, Suga is a pianist.
    My heart-

  11. JinsAHoeNeutron says:

    Probably one of the most beautiful MVs I’ve ever seen wow

  12. Kathleen B says:

    the world did not end in 2012 for a reason because their worlds have yet to collide.

  13. Abigail Jazmin Arce Santivañez says:

    no podia haber sido aun mejor!!!
    este OST es bellisimo
    ay…como los amo BTS!

  14. Ada Samaniego says:

    Que lindooo jimin tae jin jhope. Rm. Suga y jungkook conejo lindo

  15. Yuli Nieto says:

    Reproducción masiva ARMYS nosotras podemos,seremos imparables juntas vamos todo sea por nuestros bb este tiene la oportunidad de ser el primer mv en #1 tendencias de videos ?♥️?♥️

  16. Cherie Calloo says:

    Do you guys realise how perfect and beautiful this mv is? Because like it literally shows an alternate parallel universe where BTS never met and went on the path they initially had thought of. This is just crazy

  17. Ana hdz says:

    Bangtan a llenado mi vida
    Ellos llegaron en el momento en que ya no sabia que hacer :v ellos han llenado mis dias tristes ……ellos son lo mejor que tengo no quiero que se vayan nunca …

    • Alberto Ramirez says:

      Si como dise mi hermana que llenaron el espacio que le Asia falta por llenar ahora ellos son parte de su corazón ??sus bb

  18. Mia Franco says:

    It’s amazing how different their projects are. Like no shade but like if you really think about it no other boy bands or any Kpop bands in general have produced something with so much emotion. I LOVE THEN SO MUCH?

  19. Seokjin Kim says:


  20. Fss Cxd says:

    Omg this song is more than perfect they are look so good … we are in bts’s world … army and bts will be together forever ?

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