BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video

BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video

BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video

LOVE MYSELF 캠페인에 대해 더 알고싶다면 아래 웹사이트와 SNS 채널을 방문해 주세요.

To learn more about #BTSLoveMyself campaign please visit below websites and social channels.

LOVE MYSELF Official Twitter

LOVE MYSELF Official Instagram

LOVE MYSELF Official Website

UNICEF #ENDviolence

#BTS #방탄소년단 #Bighitentertainment #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence #UNICEF #유니세프

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29 Responses

  1. نسرى شهدصبغة لشعر نسرى says:

    I love BTS ❤❤
    Armi Algeria????

  2. Ayla Uyghur says:

    Love BTS?
    Love ARMY?
    Thank you BigHit and Unicef Korea

  3. Riya Alriya says:

    # القضاء على العنف
    Thank you BTS you truly changed my life and how I treat myself
    You are the most incredible people I’ve seen
    And ARMY is the best fandom they support our boys and other ARMY’S
    Thank you
    I ?u

  4. زوجة تاي says:

    So proud of my 7 boys .. I love you all arab army love you bts we purble you…لا للتنمر fighting #القضاء على العنف

  5. Jeon Julia says:

    #القضاء على العنف
    Thank you so must bts
    I love my self
    Bts they are the best forever ,
    Arabe army love bts ?

  6. Rawan Mohamed says:

    I love BTS I love myself and thanks bighit for the Arabic Translation ?
    #القضاء_على_العنف ?

  7. Jimin Park says:

    BTS Thank you really guys because you saved my life from the loss you were in. You taught me the meaning of friendship and love. Thank you. #القضاء_على_العنف

  8. Funny girl says:

    Thank you for translating to Arabic and I am from Algeria
    I love you all BTS?ARMY ?

  9. Rose_ are_ rosen BLINK says:


    LOVE YOU BIGHIT??????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Houda Nour says:

    Thank you for making people happy and help them to be fine

  11. NANA SY says:

    #القضاء على العنف
    I love you BTS ♡ Arab Army♡l’m from Syria ♡

  12. Oos klonu says:

    #القضاء_ على _العنف
    you hope I Love You

  13. ᴋɪᴍ ʜᴀɴɴᴀ says:

    We love you so much bts
    Arab ARMY from Syria ??

  14. я̃̾ʊя̃̾ʊ J.ñ says:

    i love RM
    i love JIN
    i love SUGA
    i love J-HOPE
    i love JIMIN
    i love TAE
    i love JUNGKOOK

  15. Hī đāýã says:

    #القضاء_على_العنف ????
    Bts thank u for teaching me how to love my self ???

  16. kaøüthër카오타르 says:

    #القضاء على العنف

    Thank you big hit and BTS for this we luv you

  17. LoLo love BTS says:

    Thank you bts for everything ❤
    I love you so much
    From jordan?

  18. Aya Lamri says:

    We love you bts im a BIG fan of you
    And im from Morocco
    #القضاء على العنف

  19. Fatima Sattar says:

    Thanks bighit for arabic sub we love you❤.

  20. Kim Sara says:

    Thank you for the translation in Arabic We love you bts

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