BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) – SNL

BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) – SNL

Musical guest BTS performs “Boy with Luv” on Saturday Night Live.

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56 Responses

  1. mrs. bing halpert says:

    Jungkook really did that with the adlibs towards the end! BTS you’re doing amazing sweeties~

  2. British Birdcage says:

    Hobi and Jin really shined in this performance, they all look so happy though, it’s joyful to watch

  3. semangka_JK says:

    2:49, Jungkook does thing for you….it worked more than he may/may not intend to do.

  4. aequa says:

    Can we talk about J-Hope incredible stage presence??? No where in the world exists a stage he cannot work!! He’s such a joy!

  5. Seokjin says:

    Kim Seokjin you’re did so well. Proud of you

  6. FRUIT PANDA says:

    V cute smiling face 😍
    He looks so happy 😖❤️

  7. 顏可昀 says:

    Everyone did a great job! And oh wow Jungkook’s ad lib…. AMAZING!

  8. jrhee16 says:

    Am I seriously hearing a Korean song on SNL?!!??? Not a BTS fan particularly but I’m definitely proud of what they have achieved.

  9. Thyiff says:

    Also, can we please talk about how brightly Jin shined when he was in the center??? And the kiss to the rose in the middle of the choreography?? Here’s my heart on a silver platter for you, Jin!

    • Cyndi Chang says:

      Yes, i think so. BigHit should remind it you mentioned to reform the position for the very nearest future. SeokJin has been making his ability in both vocal and dancing. He can do well.

    • Jiggly Puff says:

      Yes please!! I want this conversation everywhere instead of the hype for that 8th person they added to the song 😏

    • Jazzy Jaz says:

      YES HE DID AMAZING his voice and performance was just great

  10. Rencie Woolsey says:

    Never heard of these guys, but I love me a boy band. This is a bd mood buster and now I’m ready to clean the apartment. Thanks for having these guys on the show, SNL!

  11. Twinkletoes6126 says:

    Jimin is truly a star, born for the stage.

    • hello jmjk says:

      Sure JIMIN has good voices but it is too different from the original music. And why bts is getting spotlight is becuz they can dance and sing perfectly in live, i think jk does but jimin needs more vocal improvements… Their aim is not “we have to dance so vocals can crack.”

      cant forget the charlie puth live and lys concerts (i am army too but as army inside i just feel like it. And raplines does perfect on live but spotlights on raplines are so small)

  12. egi regina says:

    Look at Taehyung smiling throughout the performance dbdjnsj so cute

  13. Elle Caledonia says:

    This is definitely THE song of the summer. So sunny and happy. I was smiling the entire time.

  14. Fede Ok says:

    3:09 Look at the female chorister when Jin was preparing the petals to throw to the public 😊😂

  15. Se7enth Angel says:

    ive heard of them, never paid much attention really. after watching their performance last night, i can say the hype is merited. great act

  16. Bow Wow says:

    I mean I’m not a K-pop fan but these guys are amazing! They can dance and sing at the same time, massive respect.

  17. Ahmed Maisha says:

    Jin: Be my teacher
    Me: I’m coming oppa..Just wait a minute I’m coming

  18. Huhuho Ho says:

    As a musician I enjoyed a lot the live band that was great !!

  19. Wendy Chen says:

    Did anyone notice Jin threw flower petals to the crowd at 3:19? 😭 Ahhh my worldwide handsome

  20. Rebekah J says:

    This performance was unbelievable!! Completely in love with BTS!

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