BTS “Epiphany” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – The Piano Guys

BTS “Epiphany” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – The Piano Guys

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Every so often the inspiration for a music project is such that we know exactly what to do and things come together very quickly. Such was the case with Epiphany. In a time when so many people are battling feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness as they navigate a social media world, the positive message of this BTS song is so important:: I’m the one I should love.
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Arrangement produced & written by Jon Schmidt
Steven Sharp Nelson and Al van der Beek. Piano: Jon Schmidt Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson vocal textures:Al van der Beek. Recorded at Big Idea Studios, Draper, UT. Engineered and mixed by Jake Bowen. Mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios, Utah

Filmed & Produced by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott
Edited by Shaye Scott
Behind the Scenes: Kyle Fisher

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43 Responses

  1. BTS ARMY says:

    This is so beautiful !! 💜

    It’d be great if you cover ‘Spring Day’, ‘Butterfly’ & ‘The Truth Untold’ by BTS too ! Thanks 🙂

  2. Yamile BV says:

    let’s make this video go viral so our birthday boy jin sees it
    Long live the ARMYS

  3. Maria El-Khoury says:

    Why do ppl even dislike pianoguys vids???

    • Joss Ray says:

      Maria El-Khoury they hate music ?

    • Kori Ocean says:

      There are a lot of people who hate BTS and go on dislike-sprees so if some have also probably found their way here, I’m not surprised.

    • K Meuo says:

      I saw somewhere that says they support trump

    • Charsy says:

      +K Meuo I thought that this could be a reason, too. And yes, they (The Piano Guys), actually do, since they were one of the few artists to support Drumpf at his inauguration, when so many others refuse to do so, when asked. It was a huge scandal among the fanbase back in the day and many of the fans denounced them then. I think some of them might be still holding grudges and coming to their videos to dislike them. I mean, I despise Drumpf as the next person and I don’t support The Piano Guys anymore, but I still came to hear this, cause I’m an ARMY and I know they’ll do the song great justice (which they did). Of course, I’m not going to give it a thumb down out of spite, that’s petty, mean and exactly what a Drumpf supporter would do (most of them at least) in an analogical situation… but I’m not going to pretend they deserve more than what I’m giving them now, either. :-/ C’est la vie!

  4. Vibea Jayloni says:

    This is a beautiful early birthday present for Seokjin (4th December) 😭 Thankyou so much for covering his solo and I hope he gets to see this~

  5. Dessy Komalia says:

    This is a perfect gift for Jin! His birthday is coming on Dec 4

  6. min yoongi says:

    Gracias por hacer un cover de BTS sus canciones tienen un gran significado como esta canción (Epiphany) habla sobre el amor a uno mismo 💜✨

  7. Trine says:

    i want this played at my wedding and i don’t even want to get married

  8. ThePianoGuys says:

    Get this song on our new album “Limitless”

  9. superhunk1989 says:

    This is heavenly.

  10. Kindafreakyy says:

    This is so beautiful. The song itself is a masterpiece and this version of it takes it to a whole other level. I feel this in my heart 😍

  11. 캐롤지자벨& says:

    Sounds so sweet. Thanks for playing the BTS song

  12. Bangstan Army 0227 says:

    If you’re seeing this you need to read the translated lyrics. They’re beautiful

  13. MDP says:

    Wow I’m so in love with this, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it!

  14. Ingrid Lopez says:

    I suddenly want to get married

  15. Meg White says:

    This is so beautiful and I love what you guys wrote in the description. It’s great to see Western musicians who truly appreciate and understand BTS for their music and their message rather than just using them simply as click bait to gain views and piggyback on their popularity! Also… how many times did cello man magically swap cellos?!

  16. Funguypiano says:


  17. An Account says:

    You’re telling me, that *THE* Piano Guys, covered *THE* Kim Seokjin?
    I’m so glad to be fans of both

    Edit: I’m crying is so beautiful ALSO Congrats in Trending! 💜

  18. Tabi Townsend says:

    💜💜💜 This is amazing. I feel like they really captured the message Jin was sharing…

  19. 김호산 says:

    OMG😂😂😂😂😂 Piano guys on BTS!!!! WOW can’t believe this!!! Thank you guys🙏🙏 South Korea loves you


  20. Al Rymsza says:

    Is it just me, or did they add a track from the song at 3:46 . . . I hear Jin’s vocals in the background

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