BTS – I’ll Be Missing You (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) in the Live Lounge

BTS – I’ll Be Missing You (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) in the Live Lounge

BTS perform an incredible cover of the Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting track “I’ll Be Missing You” in the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

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35 Responses

  1. MrSammyCam says:

    The whole UK are about to experience the brilliance of BTS

    • tenx. says:

      @HurricaneTimelapses where? Last time I checked, the fans do everything they can to donate to those who need it rather than make fun of them. Where you getting this info from?

    • Camielyea Sikucingholic says:

      HYE SAMMY!! 💜

    • Carla M. says:

      @Spursgurk90 Jones a more original comment? It’s a Copy/Paste of what we’ve been hearing from haters for ages. C’mon! You may not like BTS, it’s a matter of taste, but if you think they lip synch, I’m sorry but you have big hearing problems.

    • Vee for Van says:

      @HurricaneTimelapses no, most people hate them because they’re korean and don’t speak english. They also doesn’t fit american beauty standard or should I say western “manly man” standard yet despite all that they reach success. It has nothing to do with the fans, that’s just an excuse made by people who hates them, have fans retaliates and attack them for it then acts like a victim. It’s been like that since the Beatles but back then they have no twitter but you can literally look up how the Beatles was also hated by many except for the fans they used to call crazy.

      Am I wrong or do you want to explain how the “manufactured plastic lypsincing boys” comment is a fair unbiased respectful opinion which can be considered as an acceptable criticism towards a boyband?

    • BTSDaesangAllKill says:

      @Spursgurk90 Jones none of them got surgery. They write and produce their music. And they can’t lip sync to save their lives. They’re terrible at it. So wrong on all accounts.

  2. sillypak says:


  3. min yoongi lover says:

    I don’t usually share my stories publicly but when I was 3 years old, I lost my dad to suicide and it really affected my growing up. Back in 2019, my grandma passed away from motor neurone disease and she was the only connection (except my mother) I had left to my dad. It really upset me, and affected me more than I could’ve imagined. It was horrible, I grew up without a dad and I grew up watching my nana suffer from this horrendous disease. I discovered BTS back in 2014 and they have been a huge rock for me ever since, they’ve really helped me more than they will ever know. When my nan died, I listened to this song religiously, just thinking about how I would miss her and my dad every single day, how I prayed every night that they’d come back and hug me just one last time. It was really a massive comfort song for me for months. the fact that bts have helped me so much & performed this song brought me to tears this morning. I am so grateful for them, and I am so grateful for this song. 🤍

    • Maricela Flores says:

      I send You a Big hug with all My Good vibes… Heart to heart.

    • Iqra Mehmood says:

      I’m so happy for you..More power to you you strongest soul 💜

    • fernanda ATSOO says:

      I share your feeling i so sorry for you and i hope you are doing well!
      I lost my dad two years ago and my mum this year I have nobody to share my pains with because my brother is too young and seriously talking these guys are helping us everyday with their songs and joy they’re sharing
      My brother and I are so grateful to you! We Love you BTS 💜

    • - A C I D says:

      You’re so strong <3 I bet your dad is the proudest man ever to look down at you

    • Iqra Mehmood says:

      @fernanda ATSOO im so sorry that you had to go through such pain and I’m so so glad and happy at the same time that you found BTS just when you needed it the most 💜 more power to you 💪

  4. Yndira Tovar says:

    Sin querer me ha hecho llorar, sé q su intención es hacernos sentir que nos extrañan pero, cómo decirles que los extrañamos más? Realmente los amo

  5. Ingrid Antonia Acuña says:

    Hermoso indudable, solo por Bts aquí una canción antiguita para una ARMY de 30+ como yo, pero que armonías más hermosas, cada uno puso lo Justo para que sonara genial y esa batería tengo que decir que ese cambio de ritmo muy lindo, en fin siempre con ustedes, canten en el idioma que sea, ahh he visto esta canción en español también (RM no será mucho), es solo un deseo no más

  6. Yolhyung Jeon says:

    Que Buen cover, “I’ll be missing you” es una canción que conozco desde que salió porque se la dedique a papá antes de que se fuera para siempre….y ahora que Bangtan hizo un cover tan bonito que no puedo creerlo, enserio que hermoso precioso cover no puedo, mi 💕no resisteㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  7. MJ Bass says:

    Siempre dan en el clavo con sus covers. Este es un clásico en todos los idiomas y poder escucharlo interpretado por BTS es simplemente lo mejor.

  8. Luna Hyuga says:

    I´ll be missing youn is originaly a song about missing The Notorious B.I.G. and was released three months after biggies death. BTS changed the lyrics of the cover and made it song for all who lost or are missing someone bc of covid and I think thats beautiful. 💜

    • Mike Rumert says:

      Originally a Police song!

    • Luna Hyuga says:

      @Mike Rumert yep I know that.☺️ i´ll be missing you sampled the beat from ,,every breath you take” by The police.

      but since it`s a cover of ,,I`ll be missing you” I didn´t mentioned it in my comment.

  9. theverecundes says:

    im really sure that jimin is not human! HIS VOICE WTF HOW ANGELIC

  10. Nancy T. says:

    The part where they all stand up and sing is the best part. Their different vocal tones blend together incredibly well. I’m really impressed with how they interpreted the song.

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