BTS ‘Lights’ Official MV

BTS ‘Lights’ Official MV

BTS Japanese single ‘Lights/Boy With Luv’ is OUT NOW!

BTS SINGLE「Lights/Boy With Luv」
July 3, 2019 Release

M1. Lights
M2. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-
M3. IDOL -Japanese ver.-


#BTS #방탄소년단 #Lights #BoyWithLuv #IDOL

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48 Responses

  1. Ana Marie says:

    They are all so talented and amazing! I love you Jungkook!!

  2. Yasmine BTS says:

    Kim taehyung you killed me your voice is so amazing I love you BTS …..

  3. Masked Group Himura says:

    Hermoso Video de BTS, otra cosa soy yo o esto es tan shipeable como están Jimin, Kook y V

  4. Sterben says:

    producer: how many visuals would you like?-
    Jimin: YES

    • you dont know me says:

      Why only Jimin

    • Sterben says:

      @you dont know me not only him ofc its just he really caught my eye the most haha but they’re all amazing T-T

    • you dont know me says:

      @Sterben Jimin is beautiful we all know this but I think you should’ve written BTS instead of Jimin

    • Ника Клеманская says:

      @you dont know me because V and Jin are official visuals of BTS, Jungkook- he is a central figure, but very often people forget Jimini as visual, not only dancer/singer

  5. Faaria Zubair says:

    Let’s take the time to appreciate all of their vocals.
    Also GUYS I don’t see anyone talking about Yoongi. I’m in love with this song.

  6. Jimin's cheeks says:

    This MV is giving me the vminkook moments I signed up for lol

  7. love yourself says:

    يلااا أرميز نسترم الأغنية
    ARMYs let’s streaming

  8. Kim Taehyung says:

    *Who’s the best vocalist in BTS:*

    *Taehyung = heartbeat*
    *Jimin = breath*
    *Jungkook = move*
    *Jin = wink*
    *all = like*

  9. KingOfLove2003 says:

    Wow this song is so encouraging that now I love lights too thank you BTS

  10. love yourself says:

    خلي نوصل هذهِ الأغنية الى أكثر من مليون مشاهدة .. أرميز نحن قده

  11. Books, Broadway And BTS says:

    Basically everyone:
    Bts: we love you hunny stay hydrated just breathe it’s ok you are beautiful and loved

  12. ramsha Ch says:

    Jungkook’S background voice behind Tae, jimin and Jin is so mesmerizing.. It’s makes the song more beautiful…

  13. H.E.R BTS says:

    I’m literally crying the lyrics touch my heart so deeply jimin part hurt the most I love this guys so much

  14. زيد الايوب says:

    ارميزز عرب اتمزحون نحن فقط 24
    يله على القلي مو لوحدي
    I love you BTS ARAB ARMY LOVE

  15. втѕ lσνєя says:

    Friend: Who is your BTS bias?

    *Me: The handsome one*

  16. M4tcha Tea says:

    2019 is BigHit’s year!

    -TXT Debuted
    -BTS World
    -Map of the Soul: Persona
    -BTS is gonna release a Movie
    -TXT Survival show
    -BigHit is making a Girl Group
    -2 MV’s from TXT
    -2 MV’s from BTS
    -World tour
    -Sang with other Artists
    -Sope singed
    -Dream Chapter: Star

    Tell BigHit to fricking take a break and be free or something!

    What’s not to like about 2019 now?!

  17. втѕ lσνєя says:

    My friend: Who do you think is the most handsome in BTS?

    Me: *BTS*

  18. The Cat Next Door says:


  19. Barina Fatima says:

    TAEHYUNG killed it, jungkook’s starting killed it, jimins vocals killed it, jin’s vocals killed us, jhope,RM and suga’s rap killed it.
    Me: dead

  20. Jimin's cheeks says:

    Jin finally got lines man…god listened to our prayers!!

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