BTS ‘Lights’ Official Teaser

BTS ‘Lights’ Official Teaser

BTS ‘Lights’ MV will be released on July 3, 2019 (JST).

BTS SINGLE「Lights/Boy With Luv」
July 3, 2019 Release


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36 Responses

  1. You got No jams says:

    Big hit: who can hit this high note


    Jungkook:I CAN

    Other BTS members:Wigs snatched

  2. herronsdoritos says:

    okay, was this filmed recently?

    cause damn jimin your hair, mmmmmm

  3. Yegane Qulamqizi says:

    Where are you SUGA. I DON’T SEE YOU. WHERE???

    • Vika Tol says:

      0:22 It’s not he?Who is it?

    • Yegane Qulamqizi says:

      @Vika Tol yeah he is .thanks.i thinks he is jk.

    • bonnoe says:

      @Vika Tol that’s him, but in the mv my theory is yoongi is not laying down with the six other members. maybe when yoongi died (before all the members) he looked down on them watching them. the other six are maybe looking at yoongi and yoongi is looking at them? yoongi was looking through the window maybe look at them? idk my theory ??‍♀️

    • Andrea Carbajal says:

      Im so confused what’s the song about?

  4. Hazel Claire says:

    *Looks at only six boys laying down*
    FBI ARMY: hold my beer

  5. Lily ValloOleth says:

    Maldicion Taehyung eres más hermoso cada día, te amo muchísimo BB ????????????

    • Yuri Martinez says:

      Te declaro culpable por decir la verdad . kim taehyung es hermosisimo tiene una belleza inexplicable

  6. Dhayee Park says:

    Oh my god! You wanna kill me right now, Jungkook??! ???

  7. Elda Quijada says:

    PROTIP: dont blink while you watch this casue you will miss hoseok .1 second

  8. wanderlust 1234567 says:

    Me patiently waiting for people’s theory because my mind is too slow to comprehend anything

  9. Wahida Jafar says:

    Bighit: Do you want your Japanese mvs to be more hot to make the other army’s JELOUS
    Bts : yea

  10. Stream Boy With Luv RiGHT NOW says:

    Bighit: so like- how many times do you want to be running in like every single one of your music videos???2??2??2

    bTs: *y E s*

  11. Nivedita Jaswal says:

    0.21 suga is missing …
    You need light to make a shadow…bts theories …suga may doing intro for next album MOTS: shadow…

  12. ᥣ᥆ᥒᥱᥣιᥒᥱ᥉᥉ •• says:

    BigHit: how much beauty do you want in this teaser?
    BTS: *yes*

  13. Me violo a los BTS says:

    I’ll bet 10, 000 slats that you’ll get multiple views and likes for this song

  14. khan nehar says:

    Jungkook baby please stop doin that with that bright voice of yours♥️?

  15. Abby Mendoza says:

    “When you LIGHT a candle, you also cast a SHADOW.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

  16. Bangtan Selindan says:

    Bighit: How many world records do you want to make?

    BTS: _Yes_

  17. Eimi what says:

    Por que solo hay 6 nada más? Esto me pone triste.

  18. Mlle Directionner&ARMY&CNCOwner says:

    Jimin ❤️
    Taehyung ?
    Seok Jin ?
    Jeong Kuk ?
    Ho Seok ?
    Yoongi ?
    Namjoon ?

    BTS ❤️??????

  19. ssty_ bst says:

    0:20 where tf is MIN YOONGI a.k.a MIN SUGA GENIUS a.k.a SUGA from Bangtan Sonyeondan?!?!

  20. Me siga no Twitter É MayTaeKp says:


    Só digo isso



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