BTS Music Video Evolution: ‘No More Dream’ to ‘IDOL’ | Billboard

BTS Music Video Evolution: ‘No More Dream’ to ‘IDOL’ | Billboard

Check out BTS’ Music Video Evolution: from ‘No More Dream’ to their 2018 hit ‘IDOL.’

00:00 – No More Dream
00:10 – We Are Bulletproof Pt2
00:20 – N.O.
00:30 – Boy In Luv
00:40 – Just One Day
00:50 – Danger
01:00 – War of Hormone
01:10 – Awakening
01:20 – Joke
01:30 – Do You
01:40 – I NEED U
01:50 – I NEED U (Original Version)
02:00 – FOR YOU
02:10 – DOPE
02:20 – Run
02:30 – Epilogue: Young Forever
02:40 – FIRE
02:50 – Save ME
03:00 – Agust D
03:10 – Give it to me
03:19 – Blood Sweat & Tears
03:30 – Spring Day
03:40 – Not Today
03:50 – Come Back Home
04:00 – DNA
04:10 – MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
04:20 – With Seoul
04:30 – Daydream
04:39 – Airplane
04:50 – FAKE LOVE
05:00 – FAKE LOVE (Extended Version)
05:10 – IDOL
05:20 – IDOL ft. Nicki Minaj

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57 Responses

  1. Billboard says:

    Hey ARMY! What’s your favorite BTS music video?

  2. ReemxArmy Rocks says:

    Holyyyyy shitttt I swear I was wishing y’all would do a music evolution for bts and it happened

  3. Amber Loves BTS says:

    I swear Billboard has become bangboard

  4. ninetailgumiho says:

    Give me thumbs up if you’re an OG Army and you cried a little at how much they’ve grown in all aspects. I’ve been an Army since their pre-debut when they released logs on their fancafe and YT channel. I teared up a little seeing all their hardwork being recognized by the world

  5. 안은서 says:

    No more dream will forever be my jam ?✊??

  6. Leela Vidal says:

    This is great and I’m happy that they included the rap lines’ solos as well, but they should’ve included their intros like singularity, Boy meets evil and epiphany etc

  7. Mya C says:

    run is a whole queen that deserves more recognition
    their best title track hands down

  8. ChimChim Kookie says:

    I cringe and uwu at the same time when i see their older mvs (mainly the first 3) because they are bbys and they are wearing those bagging clothes sskkfowkc and them tryna act badass and kookies lil “tough” face scrunch

  9. Dea says:

    Okay, Namjoon is amazing. I’m waiting for RM2!!!!!!

  10. hey buddy you in london? says:

    They included the mv’s from the solo mixtapes but not the intros?? ??

  11. Sora -noona says:

    The editor is a Jin stan.

  12. Eleni Chondropoulou says:

    Their first mv is totally black and dark and their last mv is full of colors and happy. That means they’ve come far

  13. Vik. says:

    Been a fan of BTS since their debut. I think troughout their career my favorite MV are either Run, Blood, sweat and tears or Spring day. Save me is also a competitior for the throne since it might be simplistic, but it does it job. Solo wise my favorite is Agust D “Agust D”, “Joke” by RM in at a close second.

  14. jinerous says:

    The first bts music video I saw was we are bulletproof pt 2 back around the time boy in luv came out. watching this reminds me about how much they’ve grown in only a few years.

  15. ihatesnakeu says:

    Who else know all the songs

  16. Tamii *–* says:

    Como cuando Billboard se vuelve Army

  17. Crystal Jung says:

    This is why I love their music so much. They are so diverse and have explored so many different genres in only five years, truly amazing!

    • Haruhi's Fancy Tuna says:

      As do many other Kpop groups

    • Crystal Jung says:

      Haruhi’s Fancy Tuna true, but this video is about BTS so, you know, kind of off topic

    • #BTS_BecameTheStandard says:

      That’s how I feel. Their album Tear alone had like 6 different genres or more. Their discography is honestly golden. When I was discovering BTS for the first time and going through their current stuff and old stuff I genuinely was like “why is this all so good!?!”

    • Crystal Jung says:

      #BTS_BecameTheStandard ikr I find it so fascinating how they have tried so many genres and managed to sounding amazing in each one. They put so much work into their music and you can tell.

  18. Gisele Ingram says:

    thanks for the memories billbord and thank you army you guys we are not just a fandom we are a family thanks bangtan for this amazing family

  19. Jasmine Estrada says:

    ARMY weren’t kidding when they said billboard has turned into BTS news…I’m all for it!

  20. an awkward nerd says:

    You missed the iconic Spine Breaker mv. Hands down the best mv ever created ?

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