BTS performs ‘Boy With Luv’ live on ‘GMA’

BTS performs ‘Boy With Luv’ live on ‘GMA’


The global music sensation rocks out the “GMA” Summer Concert Series to their smash hit in Central Park.

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51 Responses

  1. • T • says:

    Kim taehyung is the king of facial expressions
    Fight me

    • Steven Zechmeister says:

      He is good, no I’m not going to fight you.

    • Rebekah Rosella says:

      +Taehyung’s bae Hobi isnt even my bias, but I feel like he has the most stage presence.

    • Taehyung's bae says:

      Rebekah Rosella sorry but not he is amazing dancer but Taehyung has one of the best presence in kpop,expression facials and energy,charisma ,thats why he is role model for many rookies and other idols.

    • Holy Water is needed xd says:

      Taehyung’s bae Let’s just say they all have the best stage presence and be supportive army to all of the members.

    • BTS Army forever says:

      +Nilab Noori nope V is..;)

  2. Miranda UwU says:

    Tae u are soo perfect💜
    (Stan LOONA btw xddd)

  3. Sani Jeong says:

    Jin you did so well your vocals🔥🔥🔥

  4. Yaya Alya says:

    My bias is V and jin …I love V and jin soooo muchh ❤️❤️❤️ he’s so handsome,powerful,beautiful dance and cutes …. from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  5. Geltokki says:

    Please appreciate the other members too. :(( all of them did great

  6. CapriciousCapricorn says:

    V stands for Visual and Vocal. He has such powerful stage presence !

  7. CapriciousCapricorn says:

    Taehyung is a Born performer, like he is born to be a superstar, his aura is scintillating !

  8. Emily Love says:

    Kim Taehyung amazing live vocals and dancing 💜💜
    Love you so much Taehyung


    Jungkook: *_*breathing_**
    Me: That’s the best sound I’ve ever heard

  10. Putti Azkia says:

    BTS quality is THE BEST,,
    I love V soOoo mUcH 😍😍😍

  11. stup1dg1rl says:

    Seokjin-ah! 💜 I just wanted to show you some love

  12. Jessica 009 says:

    Everyone’s comment about the makenaes but I think they all did amazing.💕

  13. Rizwan Islam says:

    Strangers : Bts lip syncs
    Jungkook : hello, god. Is it a sin to be perfect?

  14. jep ? says:

    SERIOUSLY V killed the performance 😍 hid vocals deep voice truly most talented man. And damn he is getting more handsome By the day😎😍😍😍

  15. virgo comes from V says:

    Taehyung kim you are killing me
    I will report you for being so handsome and stealing my heart

  16. TaeOppaStan says:

    But BIAS is V but……


  17. Kim Taekook Arab says:

    *Taehyung we purple you* 💜
    *we support you* 💚
    *we are with you* 😍

  18. beautiful R says:

    Taehyung Being Praised yes 👍💜
    He Desrves All the Luv & All
    The Appreciation😍🥰
    Hes Just Most Amazing Person🥰💜

  19. FOR JIMIN says:

    I love Jimin, he is perfect ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Jessica Lee says:

    Taehyung, You are the best.

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