BTS Performs “Boy with Luv” – The Voice Live Finale 2019

BTS Performs “Boy with Luv” – The Voice Live Finale 2019

BTS performs “Boy with Luv” in The Voice Live Finale.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show’s new season. EGOT winner and multi-talented musician, actor, singer and songwriter John Legend makes his debut as a coach this season. Coming off of her second consecutive win in Season 15 – this time with a country artist – three-time Grammy Award winner and music icon Kelly Clarkson returns alongside lovable veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, as well as host Carson Daly. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the first begins with the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Live Cross Battles and the Live Performance Shows. Additionally, “The Comeback Stage” offers six artists, who were previously eliminated, a chance to compete in the Live Shows with help from Grammy-nominated artist Bebe Rexha.

BTS Performs “Boy with Luv” – The Voice Live Finale 2019

The Voice

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46 Responses

  1. Timo Mira says:

    Their performance with Halsey at BBMAs was the most fun BWL performance while this one is the most satisfying BWL performace because of the production quality! Voice has different class when it comes to showing talent!

    • dazzling michael says:

      Timo Mira the stage along with the confetti in the end… truly the voice set is world class for world class perfomers too… and how RM came on the top with his beautiful rap?

  2. TaeTaeKookie is real says:

    This BWL *LIVE* performance is the *BEST* in US by far ?

  3. Kasey X says:

    Even if bts is tired , their performances will always be perfect and they always make it look like they are having fun

    • Aireene Par says:

      That is true to many KPOP group, they have that much gratitude & respect to their fans compared to the celebs who Hollywood who acts as if their success is simply out of their own making.

  4. kara Marin says:

    Jin’s beautiful, stable voice.
    Beautiful JIN ♥

  5. Ashley BTS fan says:

    Who else watched on TV but needs to watch again

  6. Summer Summer says:

    will never get tired of jimin dancing boy with luv. he’s so smooth

  7. Marine C says:

    Great performance, I’m still amazed at how their vocals are so stable while dancing at such a rhythm, truly talented boys
    The camerawork was also really good

    • Tiffany Kim says:

      +toppepp always singing live dude

    • 니감메그나 says:

      +toppepp Sorry to burst your bubble but they actually sing & perform live with intense choreographies. They’ve been trained for years to achieve this level of stability. You can check out their live performances from concerts and award ceremonies yourself for clarification. You cannot mimic every time you perform when you always have such intricate choreographies.

    • Namjoon Love Bot says:

      +toppepp Their performances are always live with vocals!

    • Namjoon Love Bot says:

      Thank you so much ❤❤ If you’d like to, you can check out more of their live performances on the channel Mnet KPOP, and you can also check out their music and videos on ibighit! If you want to know more about their daily lives and personalities (they’re really good guys), you can check out the channel BANGTANTV. Again, thank you so much for your honest and positive opinion. ??

    • Dee Vah says:

      They sing on top of the track. Acceptable because they dance so hard.

  8. Meshiel Sapul says:

    i watched this live on NBC,and now here i am still watching them..never gets tired…amazing performance

    • JIN says:

      same here

    • Meshiel Sapul says:

      +Robbin Thimble im still searching for another fan cam…

    • Meshiel Sapul says:

      +JIN lets enjoy!!!! and support them

    • Robbin Thimble says:

      Meshiel Sapul I think this is the best fan cam. It’s from the Voice directly. The first video I watched on YouTube wasn’t as good. Someone wrote in comment section, watch on original site. Maybe you saw that comment too. So I thought this was the original site. ? ?

    • Meshiel Sapul says:

      +Robbin Thimble oh yeah,this is the original video directly from the voice,great video as far,its so detailed every highlights of choreography was captured..thumb ups to this great did a great job..
      BTS did a great performance as well

  9. wingsofphire says:

    BTS has reached that point where tv shows no longer have to cut away to the audience to show people at home one reason why BTS are there and that they are popular. ??? (That BTS does indeed have many fans in the US.)

  10. Apologize Min says:

    Wow I’m a fan of BTS and I see all the presentations of them, but they continue to surprise me more and more. BTS is an artist who deserves a lot of support, I admire them a lot

  11. Apologize Min says:

    RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Tae, JungKook they are incredible, I love the passion with which they perform on stage. True artists.

  12. yoongis bandana says:

    Their voices, their outfits, their vocals, the stage, the camera works, the audience, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. WELL DONE, THE VOICE. Thank you for having our boys!!!!

  13. Ian Wahyuningtyas says:

    the best camera works on US perfromance, thank you The Voice ???

  14. junie bee says:

    BTS brought me back to watching Voice❤??

    • Robbin Thimble says:

      junie bee Never watched it and stopped when bts finished! Didn’t need to see who won because I didn’t follow it! ? ? tbh I saw some of Taylor’s performance ?

  15. A Syrdal says:

    I think this is one of the BEST live performances of this song!!!! Well done, Bangtan Boys! ♡

  16. 방탄jimin says:

    Jimin’s voice is UNIQUE, dance is perfect, visual is cute and sexy and beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. norhal says:

    A little explanation of the song. Boy with luv is a tribute to the armys and how they gave bts “wings” for their journey. They are flying high, but don’t want to seperate themselves from the armys. BTS want to know how your day is, and give back by protecting them on their journey. This by giving energy, encouragement and hope. RM admits there were times he enjoyed the spotlight and it getting to him, while also admitting his fear of the “heights”. But he remembers the wings of support army gave him and that he will use his fame to help armys fly aswell. Halsey represent Armys in the MV where the dance is simpler so they can now enjoying their journey and dancing together.

    This is all DKDKTV’s explained video, all creds to them❤

  18. Lovely Chenelle says:

    I’m just gonna say it … HOW THE FRICK ARE THEY ALL SO STABLE !!?? I could never ?

  19. im yun says:

    X: They’re all lip synching.
    Me: Can’t you see? Namjoon was out of breath when it came to his part as he danced so hard. But he still managed to slayed it! ?

  20. Carl xxx says:

    I discovered this bg last month they’re incrediblely good in live performance. For those ppl don’t believe them sing live, you’re a fool

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