BTS Share Their DREAM Collaboration at Grammys 2022 | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

BTS Share Their DREAM Collaboration at Grammys 2022 | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

BTS reveal what winning a Grammy would mean to them! Plus, they dish on which celebrities they would love to collaborate with! Listen!

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BTS Share Their DREAM Collaboration at Grammys 2022 | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

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40 Responses

  1. WE JUST GO HARD🌙🧕 says:

    I hope they win the Grammy!
    Because they are the most deserving artist of this award

    • Nia Smith says:

      They didn’t win sadly

    • duckduckgo says:

      @Mihael J eh? wasnt butter nominated?

    • Jungkookie from BTS says:

      @SonderDAze X come on.. There are so many artists who agree that grammys snub artists. Artists like Nicki Minaj (who I think is one of the very first female rappers) shouldve won grammy till now. Eminem and Zayn have talked about Grammys being a scam. Grammys are racists, everyone knows that. I can agree on butter not winning against kiss me more. But Dynamite?? No wayyyy, Dynamite is way better than the winner last year.

    • Olga K says:

      They are not! Im an Army, but common girl, lets be honest here

    • Jungkookie from BTS says:

      @Brent Luis Garces Not at all, lmao. I can agree on BTS losing to Kiss me more cuz it’s a good song. But Rain on me No lol, Dynamite is way better than it.

  2. 𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡ says:

    *I’m proud of RM for being honest about how exhausting these 2 years have been. They literally worked so hard.* It won’t be wrong to say that BTS was the hardest working artists during these two years. I hope they win the grammy this time. Still *if they don’t win I’m still so proud of them.* Any award don’t tell how talented or good they are. *To me they are best and it won’t change.*

  3. glow says:

    It doesn’t matter if they win the grammy or not, we know tht our boys r the best and r so talented we will support them no matter wht

    • _kiki says:

      @Hate chuu Love gowon don’t you dare call yourself an orbit 🙄. you hate chuu ?! haha you just don’t know how to appreciate talent. also that’s not goofy, they’re expressing their love towards ma boys. BTS DESERVED THE AWARDS AND MARK MY WORDS, THEY’RE GONNA WIN THE AWARD !! anyway it’s not link i care even if they don’t win it , it’s all rigged 🙄

    • Hate chuu Love gowon says:

      Goofy ahhh
      This is why I’m an orbit

  4. i'M pIG oiNk OinK says:

    Them not being an american band, but them still being able to attend grammys says a lot about our 7 superstars! In my heart I honestly think they deserve this one, but congrats to the winners! So proud of each and everyone of them 💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Unknown says:

    BTS deserve to win Grammy award but I don’t know if Grammy deserve BTS! So whatever happened our boys paved the way anyway and we’re so proud of them this’s enough 🤟🏻💜💜💜

  6. namarta heera says:

    Whether they win or not, that doesn’t take away the talent they have, a prize doesn’t define them. Anyway, being their dream, I hope they win🤞

    • Marlin Myulchi says:

      No..Prize define singer more previously. That is why people watch this award. Your mention is rude to winner.

    • c says:

      Talented……… atuotunes

    • Aditi Samant says:

      @Meagan Shupe it is an emotional scam according to me. Hyping them up and bringing up their ads for clout & views and then not acknowledging their music with the award doesn’t fit right with me. But Ofcource, I’m not demeaning Doja in any case. Just disappointed that BTS didn’t win where they could.

    • Bts army 💜 says:

      But , they didn’t win the Grammys
      But armys are always there 4 them 💜💜

    • Aishwarya Ponnuchamy says:

      Actually the Army define them
      Of course they will win

  7. Pl Ease says:

    Although they win or not,their performance dropped my jaws.Literally outstanding among all performances.
    BTS never fails to prove that they r the best pop icons.

  8. La Pucur says:


  9. poporabbitqueen says:

    No matter what his physical condition is, as long as Jungkook stands on the stage, he can always show a clear singing voice and dance with power. He is really a great main vocalist and singer.

  10. Annabel Beltran says:

    seeing them there makes me cry so bad because of how far they have gone and im sure that their family is so proud of them for coming this far

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