BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards

BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards

Watch BTS try not to laugh at each other during Brent Rivera’s RDMA So Happy Challenge!

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37 Responses

  1. A.R.M.Y BTS says:

    I knew it would be suga😂😂😂😂
    I can’t with jin’s laugh😂😂😂

  2. Jess j says:

    JIN’S LAUGH 😂😂😂😂

  3. XUE says:

    I knew Jimin was going to lose right when he sat in the chair. 😂 He laughs to everything lol same with Jin

  4. ipurpleyou says:

    “I’m very serious” *couple seconds later* “pFFTT” RM IS ME

  5. Misbah Shaheen says:

    Hahahaha😍😍jungkook looks so cute

  6. Habiba Abdel Aziz says:

    Jin’s smile is life~~~

  7. jimmy says:

    Jin almost crying because he was laughing so hard is me

  8. Jennie's Creation says:

    Jins laugh😂😂😂😂

  9. Arry Baby says:

    Ok we already knew Jin and Jimin were going to laugh because they laugh at everything😂😂

  10. lunalilyred says:


  11. Joseullin Min Yoongi says:

    Kinda wanted Suga to smile. His gummy smile is so cute 🙇

  12. Jungkookie Taehyung says:

    They didn’t even tries to make suga laugh 😂😂😂

  13. Sugacube Wolfy says:

    Jin: *aHHHAAAAAAAhahahahHAAAAAAAA hahahahHAAAAAAhahah*

  14. cypher yoongi says:

    honestly all i could hear is jin laughing😂

  15. Ella Mary says:

    *Jk:* 5 seconds
    *Jin:* 2 seconds
    *Suga:* undetermined
    *V:* 13 seconds
    *RM:* 3 seconds
    *Jimin:* 1 second
    *J-hope:* 10 seconds

  16. Gladys Vasquez says:

    I wanted Suga to smile so badly 😂.

  17. Gladys Vasquez says:

    “I’m very serious”
    *starts laughing*

  18. Gladys Vasquez says:

    Jin laughing made me smile so hard 😍.

  19. moonchild says:

    JK: ‘Jimin-shi’
    JM: Dying

  20. Baekhyun, Seulgi & Jungkook says:

    Jin’s iconic laugh though… 😂
    And Jungkook’s obsession with calling Jimin “Jimin-ssi~”

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