BTS: Watch The Hit K-Pop Group Teach Popular Korean Slang Words | Entertainment Weekly

BTS: Watch The Hit K-Pop Group Teach Popular Korean Slang Words | Entertainment Weekly

BTS stars RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook are here to teach you some common Korean slang terms.
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BTS: Watch The Hit K-Pop Group Teach Popular Korean Slang Words | Entertainment Weekly

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42 Responses

  1. Sky Akuma says:

    I love seeing their English interviews because I just sit here and think “Oh god what is going to come out of Hobi’s mouth this time”

  2. Clementy says:

    Aww RM leaving a supportive hand on Jimin’s back while he’s laughing 0:34 ❤️
    You can always see how much these brothers care about each other

    • jungkook plus taeyung says:

      Idk why but i feel like they r more then frnds i know ppl ship RM wiv jin and Jimin wiv yoongi or Jk but honestly i think there is something between him and RM go watch videos about them and plzz tell me i m not the only one who thinks this?

    • Margaret says:

      They really are the softest duo 🙁

  3. Agust SKZ says:

    **flashbacks to when jimin was wearing bright blue convenient store underwear with hobi**

  4. Nicole Coleman says:

    Jin – I’m ASSA,

    No! Jin you are INSSA, You and Taehyung V has lots friends, and other Kpop Idols likes you both, facts the popular ones, and Jimin to I think..???

  5. angelie x says:

    These boys can make gold comedy out of a simple word that is close to nothing. Damn

  6. Noa Llop Gil says:

    You can clearly see how they improved a lot their english. I feel like a proud mom :’v

  7. Devika Suresh says:

    They’re so fun….i wanna be friends with them.

  8. TATA Hyung says:

    RM is a teacher for ARMY’S
    Our Idols are funny and cute ?????????

  9. Tsubaki Haruno says:

    Jin: I’m Assa
    Jin: I don’t have friends

  10. Jacky Baduria says:

    *_Hoseok:_* My underwear is blue
    _WHY HOBI WHY??_
    We love our sunshine?

  11. Leslie Parra says:

    But was it really a segment unless we have J-Hope making the other members feel second-hand embarrased? ?

  12. KRWCookie says:

    This man calls fruit flies “drosophila” are y’all really shocked that this intellectual used the Latin meaning of Virgo?

  13. vindy vin says:

    Jin: Im hungry
    JHope: my underwear color is blue.
    RM: Thats TMI, I dont want that information.
    Army: Theres no TMI, We Army need all those information!

  14. Dalia Guerrero says:

    Oof koreans teaching us English slangs ?? Namjoon keeping us updated

  15. Taeliciousness says:

    Hobi telling us the real TMI
    Everyone was Oh TMI
    and then there was Yoongi “oh yeah” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Chinyere Nwabeke says:

    J Hope’s English has improved so much! I’m really impressed, I can tell he’s been working on it! 🙂 ?

  17. BTS ARMY Cult says:

    Namjoon: we ate egg slut for Lunch – that’s TMI

    Jhope: My underwear color is blue..


    Love these dorks!

  18. Soju황예지 says:

    처녀자리 = virgin. joon just directly translated the term from korean since there’s only one word for virgin/virgo in most languages besides english

  19. This is Me says:

    Oh, when Jin was saying “I am assa”, Tae try to comfort him ?

  20. Jung Min Sope says:

    RM: “I didn’t ask that.” “I don’t want that information” ?

    And then there’s SUGA being one with the Army: “oh yeah” ” oh yeah” (tell me more) ??????

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