Buccaneers vs. Panthers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

Buccaneers vs. Panthers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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84 Responses

  1. Youre On Stolen Land says:

    Cam Newton wearing a scarf post game. Panthers 0-2. Nuff said.

  2. C T says:

    Need to stop TRYIN TO BE pretty and play dam football

  3. cjb cjb says:

    Cam will retire after this season, his body is broken down☝?️

  4. Tony Montoya says:

    Shaq Barrett came from the Denver Broncos & Wears 58 out of respect for Von Miller! You know the SB 50 MVP! So is anyone really shocked that a former bronco wearing 58 is sacking Newton Again?!

  5. Alex Washington says:

    Gerald McCoy looking at Cam like I knew I should have chosen Ravens

  6. eStream eTv says:

    *Ever since Josh Norman left, Cam & the Panthers have not been the same.*

    • MG23 says:

      @scott horton McCaffrey is too small. 4th and short he can’t do a damn thing.

    • Sojo R says:

      All yall phonies.. When Norman left, yall was like oh he sucked anyway.. Fake ass busters..

    • Gary Jones says:

      Cam still recovering from shoulder surgery, he’s not fully able to do Cam type plays. So Carolina still holding him back so he be available for later in season. But his receiving corp is not that good anymore and Cam not scrambling to extend plays let’s defenses off the hook now. This is coming from a Bucs fan & I can see he’s not all the way back & age is a factor too. His body is beat up after the years of getting pounded like a RB

    • Sojo R says:

      @Gary Jones i like Cam, but thats about it.

  7. SomeRandom GatorFan says:

    See what happens Jameis when you don’t throw picks?

  8. mustang1853 says:

    That L is on #1, #60, #82 and the whole panthers coaching staff.

    • JazzyPrince333 says:


      Yards are important but the when evaluating QB play, its not the only stat that matters

    • eoe123321 says:

      24/50 – 324 yds – 69QBRating – 24 QBR

      Pathetic performance, no excuses, he just played bad missing receivers all game long.

      Oh, and he ran 2 times for 0 yds, really? He should not run so much as he did before, but 2 times its just too little for him, he needs to be a dual threat because he is never going to be a great QB as a pocket passer.

    • AyyCardinal says:


  9. Ade11798 A says:

    1. Christian McCaffrey is the Panthers entire offense at this point.
    2. Cam played bad but his O-line is TERRIBLE.
    3. I know McCaffrey is your best offensive player at this point but what a stupid call on 4th and 1

    • Alfredo Ramirez says:

      i agree. Alot of work to do. Cam needs to get comfortable. Still looks out of sync. Norv has to call better plays. Defense and Slye looked great tonyt. They did their jobs. Cam a/Norv and the offense have to do better.

    • MrStradia says:

      @Alfredo Ramirez that’s a fair assessment.

    • MG23 says:

      2x they went to McCaffrey on 4th and 1. Small as he is that’s what they keep going with.

      They’d be better off having Cam line up at HB in those situations.

    • Alfredo Ramirez says:

      @MrStradia thank you

    • Alfredo Ramirez says:

      @MG23 don’t go there because CMac can run in between the tackles. It was just easy for the defense because we couldn’t get anything going so, shutting down CMC was easy. Cam helped them in the passing game by over and underthrowing

  10. Runitback games says:

    So pissed! 9 time in the buc’s zone and couldn’t score!? Wtf kinda plays were they calling anyway?!

  11. Kevin B says:

    It says something when its 4th and 1 near the goal line, and you didnt put the ball in Cam’s hands.

  12. Nando G says:

    So we just gonna ignore the camera angle in the beginning of the video ?

  13. Eric Casagrande says:

    Cam Newton is done as a QB. If he can’t run … the Panthers can’t win. And he clearly is no longer mobile.

    • eoe123321 says:

      Exactly, they were only winning when Cam was a dual threat QB. Today he only ran 2 times for 0 yds. But if he does it too much (like he did in 15) the body starts to break down, they need to find the right balance for him. I think 5~10 runs each game its a good margin, but if they want him to become a pocket passer like today, its better to trade him and find a true pocket passer QB then because Cam aint one.

    • TreyJames 19 says:

      @eoe123321 They have Will Grier a guy who is not as mobile as cam but is more of a pocket passer than Cam is

    • Alt Delete says:

      He’s coming off the injury in pre season but hewas never really a galloper. He was a bruising up the gut runner, n from what I see those plays r jus not called anymore. He’s never been super accurate but add to it that his shoulder I not completely right n.this is what u get wen they call 51 pass attempts. So it’s on cam I suppose but don’t let this coaching staff of the hook

  14. Kevin Arnold says:

    Damn who calls plays for Carolina? He should be fired

  15. The NERO says:

    Newton’s passing is just too much inconsistent. Love Supercam, but I guess Newton era in Carolina is coming to an end soon.

  16. Conor Doyle says:

    Can we appreciate how much Joe Buck has improved as a commentator?

  17. USMC MSgt says:

    Cam not thinking about football he is ready for fashion week.

  18. Bradley Tebo says:

    Philip Rivers has more wives that Cam Newton has passing touchdowns in his first two games

  19. Elmyda 1537 says:

    Anyone else feel like this was watching madden football?

  20. Austin Swaney says:

    Wy in the hell does this shoty panthers team have 8 #1 picks on deff and the pffensive ia a joke, cam is the most washed up 9 year wanna be pocket qb ive ever seen

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