Buccaneers vs. Patriots Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2021

Buccaneers vs. Patriots Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the New England Patriots during Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season.

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45 Responses

  1. jrad410 says:

    As a pats fan I’m glad this game over, hell of a crowd and good game by Mac

  2. Immanuel Adithela says:

    Every bucs fan regained 5 years of their life after that field goal miss.

    • iYafee says:

      @HCIbn really? Cause I think Tom Brady can do what ALL of those players you named above can do combined. I count 7 championships among those players. Brady has that many alone. Get out of here clown, if they could do what Tom Brady does they would have. I don’t care how he does it whether it’s by magic, sheer luck, or god’s will. The end product is that Tom Brady has won 7 championships in 10 games. Go find me another guy even close to sniffing that success.

    • DarkNote Red says:

      @noir manoir
      Why wouldn’t you call it a drop then?????

    • Myron Walton says:

      To me its about how chips fall sometime so no one can hold their high &no one can hold their head low hope to see them meet again sometime

    • SubiWRX WRX says:

      @brizzle711 yesssir baby #TAMPANATION

    • Jbig1430 says:

      @JMOrtiz Both defenses was amazing shutdown everything the talent of both QBs really shined

  3. Aswad Malik says:

    Pats found a pretty good sub for Brady. That young man is impressive.

    • Justin Hardy says:

      @Stevie Jay All jokes aside , Cam is Good 👍. Won’t take nothing from him. If I in any way made you feel upset or mad I apologize.

    • Sam Placido says:

      @TRUTH HURTS Mac Brown? you don’t even know what your saying lol.

    • TRUTH HURTS says:

      @Sam Placido , I know Mac Jones and the Pats won’t win 5 games this year.

    • Stevie Jay says:

      @Justin Hardy nah bruh it’s all good, these guys make millions I work almost 11 hrs a day most times. So I’d be a dummy to get in my feelings about ppl I dont know lol.. a little healthy debate is good every once in a while #respect

  4. Arrizal Stiller says:

    What makes this funny is people treat Mac like he is already a Veteran, he is still a rookie this year and this is just his 4th game, this is good game for a ROOKIE

    • Brian Trempe says:

      @Cam Newton’s Magic Top Hat cam isn’t the qb anymore get over it.

    • Jason B says:

      @J Day He just played his 4th game ever and had 19 straight completions- a record for rookies in the last 40 years. He beat the Super Bowl champ in touchdowns 2- compared to zero, playing against the Super Bowl champ defense. If they play again, the Pats will definitely win. Sorry.

    • Derrick Dempsey says:

      Imo opinion he only made easy passes most of the game. Guys were wide open on those plays. They had 3 diff times down the field were pass interference calls. Thata what got then down the field. The other trick play for the td was like throwing a ball in ur garage standing in the driveway. Mac Jones is hopefully gonna be a good qb but to say he did good yesterday is a lie. He threw a hailmary pic on a bad choice that cost us big and almost thru 3 other pics. When the game was on the line he didnt come thru at all. Made poor decisions to get them a 57 yard fg and the only reason they got that close was the P.I. call that shouldn’t of been a P.I…. Patriots should of been able to pass all over the bucs with thier secondary being a mess. Still cant believe they lost to the bucs when the bucs were at like 40 percent. Patriots are now tomato cans.

    • GumboisJesus says:

      @Cam Newton’s Magic Top Hat “labeling Mac a learning rookie” Mac IS a learning rookie.

    • Derrick Dempsey says:

      @John Boy perfect statement to a T. Thanks for being intelligent

  5. Robert Cloonan says:

    To bad that last kick didn’t go through. Brady with less than a minute to go would have been the ending of a lifetime!

  6. S Duboss says:

    Bellichick : (goes for the hug)
    Announcer: well there it is?
    Bellichick : (quick release )
    Announcer: okay!

  7. Tim Newton says:

    Mac Jones has a lot of poise in the pocket as a rookie. He’s going to be a great qb in this league.

  8. Coleman J. Rimer says:

    Belichik coached a great game against Brady, and Mac Jones – kind of lost in “the return” – came out and showed he’s not afraid of the spotlight. Mac Jones is going to be great. Pats fans should feel very comfortable.

    • Rudy Thompson says:

      Give us 2 offensive weapons and were back in super bowl contention.

    • gumma9 says:

      @Rudy Thompson your right are rushing core is great our defense is good our qb has been doing good good we have a decent tight end and two wrs would be perfect

    • Avery Darrenkamp says:

      Nkeal even looked good

    • Alec Pitts says:

      He couldn’t win a game against a practice squad secondary, not very good

    • MRMOJO RISIN says:

      Very true they have found something special to fill the 🐐 boots which every QB filling Brady’s Boots would be under so much pressure so for a rookie he did a great job last night Patriots future looks promising

  9. KangarooJakk says:

    As a bucs fan

    That was a really impressive game by the pats rookie QB. Should have a really bright future.

    • J Martin S says:

      @Alec Pitts they are, it would have been honest to say a Brady fan.

    • Alec Pitts says:

      @J Martin S I’d say over half of bucs fans are actual fans of Tampa Bay, the issue is we had 15+ years of a terrible team, and with so much else to do in Tampa and surrounding area people weren’t too focused on the games. When we drafted winston I was supremely confident in us, but then I was proven wrong. We always had a good team but beat ourselves, it became very difficult to watch, and even more difficult to justify being a fan, other than saying I’m from Tampa.

      It doesn’t help that there are 3 teams in Florida for people to choose from, and a huge population of Tampa come from northern states with their own teams too.

    • Nocturnal Recluse says:

      Not until BB retires and Kraft resigns. Then we’ll have a bright future.

    • stepaushi says:

      @Buttruckers then

    • Tiago Piche says:

      @MarkwithaC 3-1 bucs

  10. MatthewRein1 says:

    Vanoy: “you’ve gotta be KIDDING” as he’s literally hanging off of the arms of the receiver…

    • gibbsy 1023 says:

      No. It’s cat and mouse. He was hoping to slip that coverage by Brady, but of course it didn’t work. It’s more because he knows how smart Brady is (and accustomed to playing against him) and as soon as he saw him in coverage he went after him. Brady misses nothing.

    • I just dont get it!!!! says:

      He was hanging after the Catch attempt! That was clean an a bad call. If they start calling that this game will really be sad

    • Brandon Brown says:

      @I just dont get it!!!! He was pulling his arm down before the ball got to him. That prevented Fournette from getting a full extension to catch the ball. If not for that it would’ve been a no call because the defender is allowed to fight for the ball as much as the receiver.

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