Bucket List: World Cup

Bucket List: World Cup

Qatar Bucket List checked all the boxes! Dune bashing, world record roller coasters, a trip to all 8 FIFA World Cup stadiums, and more. Learn about the incredible experiences Qatar has to offer and explore more at Qatar2022.qa and VisitQatar.com.

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► Learn more about all 8 World Cup stadiums: https://www.qatar2022.qa/en/stadiums
► Doha Quest: https://www.dohaquest.com/en
► Hilton Salwa Beach Resort: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/dohsbhi-hilton-salwa-beach-resort-villas/
► Doha Golf Club: https://www.dohagolfclub.com/
► Losail Race Track: https://www.lcsc.qa/
► Banana Island: https://www.anantara.com/en/banana-island-doha
► Jet Ski experiences: https://activities.marriott.com/things-to-do/V28Hi3LEZnL7p7-intercontinental-doha-jet-ski-rental
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37 Responses

  1. Jake H says:

    You could call this episode…

    *Dune* Perfect

  2. Geoff Bisson says:

    I wonder what those stadiums will look like after the world cup has ended.

  3. Andrew Kreps says:

    I love dude perfect and have been watching for so many years, but I gree with a few of the other comments that it’s unfortunate to not even point out the blatant human rights offenses. I understand why though. It’s likely there was a contract of some sort involved, but with such a large fanbase, it would’ve been awesome to see some activism, no matter how small.

    • gino dil says:

      @lucas mac lochlainn it doesn’t make sense considering 6500+ people died working to make those stadiums under slavery conditions.

    • Aiwash says:

      Considering who their sponsor was I didn’t think they would say anything

    • lucas mac lochlainn says:

      seeing as they only started bucket list like 3 years ago it only makes sense to go to the biggest sports event in the world as soon as its available and obviously they were give millions of dollars

    • David Hamilton says:

      @Harun K It’s Qatar, not Dubai/UAE but same thing essentially. They sponsored the video so it’s safe to assume they weren’t gonna say anything about it

    • F*СК МЕ. СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ says:

      🅱🆁🆄🅷 !!

  4. Bushidō says:

    I wonder how the working conditions for building all these stadiums are…

  5. Dsc 4 Ever says:

    I don’t comment a lot on YT videos, but i can’t leave this one uncommented. I’ve always respected you guys for your content aswell as for your morals. But in my eyes this one is just not acceptable… as many before me already said, it is not a secret how many people died in the acts of modern slavery done by Quatar. To have this video sponsored by them without a single critical comment is just sad imo. I would really like a statement of you guys about this topic since apparently many people are not ok with this video.

    • F*СК МЕ. СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ says:

      Y͢e͢a͢h͢ !!

    • entername says:

      Qatar reviewed the footage for sure too. Maybe they cut the Video themselves cause they sponsored this Video. But @Dsc 4 Ever you are completely right. I dont comment a lot too even tho I probatly should and I feel the excact same as you.

    • gino dil says:

      They are even deleting all the bad comments so i won’t expect your comment to last very long.

  6. ZoronTheVast says:

    Love how nice the guys are to fans they gave them a time they will remember and cherish for there lives!

  7. Olivier Lüthy says:

    And what about the human rights there. You just show, how cool it is but you don’t show how they REALLY did to build those massiv stadiums so fast.

    • mastermatze103 says:

      Welcome to the middle eastern. Youre right. But its not just Qatar there… For example Dubai too. So dont travel to any of these countrys,.

  8. Almost a pro pilot says:

    Fun fact: the losail international circuit was built for MotoGP but adapted to f1 for the 2020 season

  9. Scott Bernhardsson says:

    Your videos have always put a smile to my face. Probably my favorite YouTubers. Love all of your work. But this video is an absolut disgrace and sell out. All the people used as modern day slaves to build the Stadiums, the amounts of people dead to make it happen, the authoritarian regime that violates human rights. I thought more highly of you, this is probably where i have to draw the line. I cannot follow you guys anymore with a clean conscious. Marketing this is standing behind what Qatar does and it surely means your values coincide. Hope you guys come to your sences and see what your actions lead to.

  10. Isaac Delporte says:

    Sick dudes, you bring happiness to my face! Keep up the amazing work!

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