Buckingham Palace guard slips and falls in front of hundreds of tourists

Buckingham Palace guard slips and falls in front of hundreds of tourists

The Queen’s Guard was left red-faced as he slipped on a manhole cover during the famous Changing of the Guard. He lost his footing and slid sideways, knocked his bearskin on the side of the box and dropped his rifle. The soldier quickly scrambled to his feet as his colleagues marched past as if nothing had happened.

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19 Responses

  1. mikvance says:

    The English are weak, time to invade, boys!

  2. Viv Varghese says:

    It’s like one of those situations. You shouldn’t laugh but it’s hard not

  3. PG Designs says:

    lol happens to all of us…usually not in front of so many…#Royals

  4. Dileesha Rajapakse says:

    Accidents happen. People who are posting these on the internet to make them
    go viral, to get more view and likes, are going straight to hell

  5. estefxd says:

    and now getting punished because of u

  6. LuDzA D Man says:

    do u think guard facing him laughed ? :)

  7. kristonren says:

    Those boots are useless… really hard sole… useless if you need to chase

  8. Salvador Rivas says:

    pobre, antes no se encajo la bayoneta xD

  9. lazee beyosh says:

    Those boots have pathetic soles. What if the place was attacked by
    terrorists? Would the guards just be slipping about falling on their asses?
    I think a new issue of shoe is in order.. Can’t blame the soldier here, he

  10. Kaveh Maguire says:

    I wonder if the guards play practical jokes or something and do something
    to make each other slip? I was in England 11 years ago and I have a photo
    of a guard losing balance during the changing of the guard and my next pic
    is the other guards walking away and one of them laughing.

  11. TheNigerianTiger says:

    i like how the other guard doesn’t give a fuck

  12. Paul Nesbitt says:

    thats what happens in a country where their guards still wear 18th century
    “hob nail boots” ha

  13. Игорь Иванов says:

    На ровном месте падают… :
    Они что бухие там?

  14. Phil McCracken says:

    Are those rifles loaded with real ammunition?

  15. Max B says:


  16. pappajinx . says:

    We all know how these lads behave behind closed doors. This looked like a
    prank to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if some wanker in his regiment
    polished the sole of his boots with Brasso when he wasn’t looking. Lucky
    the blade didn’t go though his face!

  17. okevia01 says:

    I funniest thing is they couldnt even check to see if he was hurt 

  18. Abyalew Bayu says:

    Things that go viral these days…

  19. Grant Edwards says:

    Wow, I always thought these people were specially trained not to fall over
    because they’re not human