LeBron James (37 PTS) and Anthony Davis (30 PTS) combined for 67 PTS as the Los Angeles Lakers clinched a playoff spot by defeating the Milwaukee Bucks, 113-103. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks with 32 PTS, 11 REB and 6 AST.

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89 Responses

  1. avreen hehr says:

    I wish Kobe was here to see the lakers finally clinching playoffs after 7 years 😓

    • Osi Mahino says:

      Nah Kobe doesn’t like easy playoff clinching and shit! He like the hard way. Unlike the lakers team rn

    • SCORPION FIRE says:

      @Puck Fhite WeopleLOL

    • TheBeterRagingAssNiggabuttFace says:

      Puck Fhite Weople I’m not gonna lie I respect Kobe Bryant but you are probably most likely right. Kobe was Roman Catholic and his daughter is too and only Christians go to heaven

    • King Markbarry says:

      @A B giving him attention dumbass 😂🖕

    • Chuy ___ says:

      Puck Fhite Weople and how do you know that ? You ain’t dead yet or are you god to know whether you’re going to heaven or hell. With all that talking you’re definitely going to Hell. Nobody loves you go cry yourself to sleep.

  2. Alexis Esparza says:

    lmaooo bron had giannis on lockdown tonight 😭😭🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

  3. Fredoo Goated says:


    Playoff vibes in Staples center with that crowd roar

  4. Gson Tayone says:

    “Look at Lebron man”

  5. Yasuo Naled says:

    Anthony davis the most underrated superstar

  6. Benyamin Gines says:

    Giannis showing 9:13 everybody how an mvp reacts after losing to a playoff contender- forget the hand shake, turn around and head to the dug out!😂

    • Brett Johnson says:

      @Austin Bigelow lol his finals W-L record says otherwise 🤭

    • Brett Johnson says:

      @A B bruh I was here to watch the game highlights lol not LeBron. Bucks have a good chance to win a ring with Giannis and coach Bud but go on 💤🤐

    • Brett Johnson says:

      @Don Mega LeBron didnt shake hands with the Clippers when he took the L this year… Gtfoh. Ya’ll just make up any excuse possible to hate on Giannis.

    • Austin Bigelow says:

      @Brett Johnson yeah you don’t watch basketball at all and know nothing about the game to think that LMAO you literally know nothing about NBA basketball to even remotely think that means anything LMAO thank you for making my friends and I laugh at you for 20 minutes… You’re a funny guy

    • Brett Johnson says:

      @Master Pierce People handle losses differently. The first game wasn’t as poorly officiated for both teams as last night was. Giannis was clearly fucking pissed. LeBron didn’t shake hands after he took the L to the clippers! Where’s the double standard 😂 y’all just wanna hate on giannis cuz ESPN and the mainstream made it the cool thing to do

  7. king hoshi says:

    4:05 “WHAAAAAT ” -AB

  8. Mr Davs says:

    Nobody is going to mention this but when LeBron James guarded Giannis in that second quarter when AD was in foul trouble. LeBron shut Giannis down in that second quarter. lol

    • Kyle Lowry says:

      ANtetkounpo got ANTETACLAMPED BY LeBron

    • Gary Augustus says:

      @Yung Shizzy….I would like to think so too but Lebron was admittedly spent, and at 35 the body needs more than 36 hours to repair for an afternoon game. On the other hand, I expect AD to take his slack Sunday because he played soft last night…
      The onus is on the Lakers’ entire backcourt to step up the offense. If not, they lose…it’s their glaring weakness as a team. Check out last night’s stats among all of their guards…and I have to include Kuzma in that boat.

    • Gary Augustus says:

      @R. Jay stewart….. So, what was the reason for the Bucks’ win in Milwaukee?

    • clevelandlife 1 says:

      i saw that too

    • Eliecer Mesa says:

      Guys chill, don’t let the 6 yr old LeBron haters find out that lebron is one of the smartest and best defenders to ever play. They can’t handle knowing that LeBron has 0 holes in his game or knowledge, which is why he’s the goat. Let them keep thinking kawhi is better than him

  9. John Morales9 says:

    Jeeez imagine only shooting 19% from three and still beating one of the best interior defences in the league 💀💀

    • DJQuan718 says:

      @Al Francis Delagua Please no one in today’s game is fucking with MJ. Stop with that overrated shit lol. A 6 time FMVP overrated 😂. This cupcake league everyone is soft. Dudes be 230+lbs flopping lol come on

    • Syn Mariano says:

      DJQuan718 Lol the league is only soft because of the previous era. They made it this way.

    • Latoya Wise says:

      Syn Mariano No little dude new rule changes made the league soft this new era of basketball is safe & softttttT

    • s0459054 says:

      DJQuan718 whatever, 70s fans would probably say 80s and 90s were “soft”.

    • My Opinion Doesn’t Matter says:

      DJQuan718 and? You’re still here on the video. Does that make you a cupcake too?

  10. Peter says:


  11. Jake Betanio says:

    Giannis couldn’t even bully lebron in the paint..on the other hand lebron does it to giannis🤔

    • Deej says:

      Chas UGC my “long diatribe?”😂 You obviously didn’t read what I said because I actually gave props to Lebron and said Giannis was overrated. So you’re comment failed.

    • Banger 420 says:

      Jake Betanio I wanna see him try to bully kawhi

    • Banger 420 says:

      Jake Betanio kawhi gonna lock lebron shit down

    • Deej says:

      Banger 420 he tried last year during the playoffs…didn’t work

    • Banger 420 says:

      Deej what are you talking about ? Kawhi and lebron didn’t play against each other in the playoffs last year 😂 I’m talking about how lebron can’t bully kawhi and is 0-2 against him this year, gonna be 0-3 after tomorrow

  12. Daniel Mizrahi says:

    3:55 javale doing the little things

  13. Tyron Guimbaolibot says:

    Remember when lebron in milwauke during playoffs showing the crowd where the exit is??

  14. RTNANDEZ96 says:

    Ol’ Uncle Shannon boutta have a field day with this one 😂😂

  15. jun catenza says:

    We are officially back in the playoffs, after 7 agonizing years!! Up next: a Clipper beatdown on Monday.. Let’s go Lakers!!

  16. Chim Richalds says:

    I like how they rest lebron in the 4th. I think they’re putting AD to the test

    • Mike B says:

      Chim Richalds Well, he sure stunk it up against Giannis

    • MrAllister9 says:

      nah i think they just know that no matter what they need a rested Lebron for the final 5 minutes and even last night it was looking like the Bucks were going to catch up but they still kept Lebron on the bench … FINALLY

  17. G.A.M.A says:

    They beat arguably the best team while shooting 20%from the arc.
    Whoever said Lakers can’t beat good team needs to go to jail.

  18. Lex opims says:

    A 25 year old mvp Gianni’s is being bullied by a man 10 years older than him lol.. LeBron still the king!!

    • Banger 420 says:

      Lex opims but when he’s up against kawhi he gets his ass clamped

    • R. Jay stewart says:

      Ummm. 1 for 7 from 3. Fewer rebounds than Giannis. 2 more assists and 5 more points in More minutes. The Lakers took 38 free throws. 15 more than bucks in a 10 point game. James didn’t fucking dominate. Get real

  19. Paul Loman says:

    Giannis gets away with some charging fouls for sure

  20. J Gucci says:

    Giannis: I’m the Best in the League.

    Toronto Raptors- immediately begin the Heimlich maneuver.

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