Led by Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 32 PTS, 9 REB and 6 AST, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns, 123-119, in Game 5. Khris Middleton (29 PTS, 7 REB, 5 AST) and Jrue Holiday (27 PTS, 13 AST) added a combined 56 PTS for the Bucks in the victory, while Devin Booker tallied a game-high 40 PTS for the Suns. The Bucks lead this best-of-seven series, 3-2.

Next Game:
Phoenix Suns at Milwaukee Bucks – Tuesday, July 20 at 9pm/et on ABC

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5:46 – 4Q

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50 Responses

  1. NBA says:

    Will the Suns take game 6? 😲

  2. PressCAPLOCK says:

    Jrue Holiday redemption game! That Giannis alley-oop dunk at the end was the cherry on top 🔥💪🏆

  3. Herp Derp says:

    Giannis really wants to take his homies on a trip to Greece

  4. God Fearing Sinner says:

    finally, Jrue awakes the beast in him that long ago had been slept..

  5. Evan Bell says:

    That steal by jrue and the alley-oop will go down as one of the best plays in NBA finals history. Not even a bucks fan but I’m all for giannis finally getting a ring.

    • Nathan Shackelford says:

      @egabriel 716 Sure. I’m not arguing that, just saying it’s vastly more impressive than the Lakers bubble ring from last year. That was the only true asterisk season, as agreed by many NBA analysts.

    • Nathan Shackelford says:

      @egabriel 716 And by your logic, none of Jordan’s rings were impressive. By the time he started winning, the bad boy Pistons were old, Magic and Bird were done, and he was going against teams like the Trailblazers and jazz to win finals. And when the Rockets were st their peak with Hakeem, those were the years Jordan was retired. Also, all of Kobes rings with Shaq were unimpressive too. They went against no one.

    • Jonathan Evans says:

      @JamesO19991 facts!! Cp0 will win zero rings. Overrated always!!!

    • egabriel 716 says:

      @Nathan Shackelford vastly more impressive? Nah, you’re a bucks fan. I get it though, you’d like their chokejob last year to get erased after being embarrassed by the 5th seed miami team. 😂 Kawhi, harden, murray, jalen brown, mitchell where atleast healthy last year and the playoffs were way more competitive. Nice try though. 😂

    • Mark Almarinez says:

      G oh D I’m never gonna forget that steal by Jrue and that dunk by Giannis .

  6. Bill Ragz says:

    3:54 Holliday steals, and drops a three against Booker. Ice cold play.

    • The klaw Clippers says:

      Chris Paul reminds me when he was playing okc

    • Nathan Shackelford says:

      @Daniel Grossberg That’s just a part of the NBA though it has been forever. In the playoffs, they let them play.

    • packlesswolf1 says:

      @Devin Hooker which is against the NBA rules. Finals or not it’s the rules and it’s BS they are letting em get away with it. Booker had 8 fouls by the 3rd quarter. That just proves the NBA is favouring the sun’s.

    • Devin Hooker says:

      @packlesswolf1 I mean regardless everyone is playing physical. Wouldn’t say they’re favoring either side but just letting the strongest team go 🤷‍♂️

    • Unknown TradeMark says:

      @Daniel Grossberg keep crying. Just like the suns players every other second. This is whats happening, suns try to draw fouls and create the contact instead of trying to just make the shot. Bucks arent whining about shit, they just keep coming at you all game. Bucks team aint a bunch of bitches. They beat you cause they are BETTER.

  7. Seamus says:

    Chris’ foul on the Giannis alley-oop looked really dangerous…. 2 hand shoved him mid-air.

  8. Irrob2008 says:

    Booker could commit armed robbery and the refs won’t call it.

    • Dolemite67 says:

      @michael cha C’mon bro… the petty fouls yes let them play but the obvious fouls hell no!! I seen Booker and Punk ass Paul throughout the whole Western Conference playoffs foul players that could end their careers and not be tossed or fouls called. It’s obvious that the NBA and the Ref’s want Phoenix to win. Besides Phoenix has NO ONE out from injuries, they got lucky to have gotten out of the West!! Lakers and Clippers had KEY players out. If those teams were healthy Phoenix wouldn’t even be there!!. I know injuries are a part of the game but I don’t want to hear it!!

    • Sinai Manna says:

      @Howey JR no it wasn’t cp3 jumped into him

    • packlesswolf1 says:

      8 fouls by the 3rd quarter in game 4. Even the commentary was commenting on it.

    • Alexander Alvarez says:


    • Howey JR says:

      @Sinai Manna k

  9. Paul Dela Cruz says:

    But what about Giannis’s IQ and awareness. He knew he had to tap the ball to Middleton on his missed free throw instead of grabbing it and getting fouled to shoot FTs again.

  10. Robbie Huggins says:

    Feels like every suns possession starts with booker lowering his shoulder and ramming it into someone’s chest.

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