Take it from Miles Teller: even when you’re on hold, enjoyment is only a sip away. #EasyToEnjoy

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22 Responses

  1. Chevy Johnson says:

    The greatest hold music of all time! Seriously put on that hold music and the customer will forget why they’re mad!!

  2. Fernando Garcia says:

    In case someone wants to know; the “on hold” music is called Opus No. 1 by Tim Carleton.

  3. Mushy says:

    I really love this commercial, one of the only ones that made me smile

  4. tridoc99 says:

    I think they nailed it with that on hold music. Why does every business seem to use that same music? I can’t find the answer anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if you call Anheuser-Busch and get put on hold, that’s what you would hear!

    • Andrew Koper says:

      I think some company like Cisco makes phone systems, many corporations buy Cisco’s phone system, and so many people hear that – Cisco’s default hold music – when they call the corporation

    • Umbrasong says:

      From the wikipedia page about hold music: Among the best known due to its default presence on Cisco telephones is “Opus Number One” by Tim Carleton and high-school friend Darrick Deel, who recorded it on a four-track tape recorder in 1989. Deel went on to work for Cisco in building the company’s first VoIP phone. When a need for default on hold music came up, he recalled the track he and Carleton had recorded and reached out to Carleton for approval.

    • Inner Beauty Makeup By:Story Falu says:

      but why all business use this music I have triggers every time im on hold! really!

  5. DRoyal says:

    I worked for a company called Genesys Conferencing in early 2000’s and this is what we used. We were a web, audio, and Investor Relations conferencing company. There were rows of us in the call center that would jam out to this. Amazing commercial.

  6. Zach L says:

    Anhueser-Busch marketing team please drop whatever mix of Opus No 1 you play at the end that is so smooth it’s unreal, best version I have heard of it but I can’t ID it.

  7. ray iruegas says:

    I’m not even at work & watching this commercial makes me feel like I’m at work

  8. Gary Dunn says:

    Every bank, hospital, doctor’s office, credit card company, cable, gas, electric utility, and government agences including the VA uses this annoying phone hold system.

  9. Gina Gilpin says:

    Cool, commercial, I bet the next time I get put on hold I’ll just ask them if they want to join me in having a Bud Light while I wait to answer them. LOL.

  10. Roni Tennant says:

    Seems like folks here are being pretty critical, but I liked it a lot. I guess to each their own right.

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