Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

1st Quarter: 0:00
2nd Quarter: 2:24
3rd Quarter: 6:15
4th Quarter: 8:02

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37 Responses

  1. Animal Channel says:

    Allen flashing that arm, amazing how he flicks the ball effortlessly and it flies like a bullet 💪🔥

  2. Myran Williams says:

    Von Miller made an impact on this game immediately. 4 tackles, 3 of them for loss of yards. He played lights out as expected.

  3. markzilla says:

    I’d say since the Bills have been battle tested against the Chiefs, coming so close to playing these Rams in the SB; they already have the ‘eye of the tiger’. i figured they would upset the defending champs but thought it would be a close game- i was half right. For the Rams, it’s week 1 and Kupp is still playing MVP level but Vonn is the difference on defense and McDermott knows it.

  4. Kaidentastic says:

    It’s football season once again. I love this feeling. Great first game, well done by the bills. Looking forward to a strong and healthy season of NFL

  5. kinnra says:

    I’m a Bengals fan so the Bills playing like this is terrifying, but I love to watch Allen do his thing especially to the rams 😭

  6. LPCOBRA says:

    The bills defense looked great, but their offense looks absolutely elite. The combination of josh Allen’s iq and rocket arm combined with some of the games best route runners, diggs and Davis, will take them to the next level

  7. MrStrongBro says:

    What a heck of a game. Bills really started to melt the Rams in the second half. Seems like they exposed some things in the locker room during half time.

  8. Agyar Hardjasudjana says:

    Not a Buffalo fan but the way they play makes me want to jump through table. Very exciting team to watch

  9. constantblur says:

    I’m not even a bills fan but I hope they make it to the Superbowl. They are such an entertaining team to watch

  10. Jose Limon says:

    Eso es todo mis Bills de Buffalo 🇩🇪🤗🍺👍

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