Me demonstrating my new bug puppet 🙂 SHARE PLEASE
Link to FB version… https://www.facebook.com/barnabyjdixon/videos/1387624134619840/


© Barnaby Dixon

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20 Responses

  1. 2Edgy4ThisPlanet says:

    friend: puppets are shit
    me: *shows him this video
    friend: puppets are sick

  2. Dank meme's 420 blaze it #ReKt says:

    I don’t like the music at the end

  3. Abraham Carrasco says:

    Love your puppets bud

  4. Leo the Dinosaur Man says:

    can someone get me the bug spray?

  5. Wolf Koala says:

    How duiplicate

  6. CrossfacePanda says:

    Love the sympathetic movement from the antennas!

    And the wings, and the grabby little hands, it’s all amazing!

  7. IdentraCraft says:

    Oh my GOSH!!! He is so cute! Barnaby you have out done yourself again, and created yet another reason as to why you are such an artistic inspiration to me ^w^ ~

  8. Dolly com Biscoito says:

    Nice job,buddy!Can you make a samurai or a warrior puppet?

  9. NinjaTheDoodle Anims says:

    Manu made babies with a bug?


  10. Jose Gallegos says:

    Start selling these puppets already.

  11. The flamingsword says:

    I think to make it more “bug-like” it should do things like sporadic head movements, cleaning eyes and antennas with hands and whatnot

  12. Bo Bish says:

    Reddit = A toilet full of shit and SJWs, Muslim and Dindu Sympathizers, Libtards, Cucks, And Obese fucks.

  13. Wolf Koala says:

    Call him insectro please i subed and liked

  14. Squid_Soup says:

    Finally you hit trending page!!!

  15. Ponee says:

    1:04 stop paper abuse

  16. Mithykal says:

    You’re videos are seriously a nice break from the state of the world and how it has practically ruined content on YouTube, keep it up man.

  17. Nguyen Dinh says:

    You make it look like the little guy has his own consciousness

  18. 1Gunholio says:

    So awesome can i buy one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. carlos padron says:

    looks like an animated disney movie

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