BUGATTI Chiron breaks through magic 300mph barrier

BUGATTI Chiron breaks through magic 300mph barrier

Watch BUGATTI chief pilot Andy Wallace’s World Record run!
Final speed: 304.77mph / 490.48 kph.

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82 Responses

  1. QuoKkA says:

    Next week: Koenigsegg Agera RS breaks through 400mph barrier….

  2. cesar rodriguez says:

    Bugatti: 304.77 mph
    YouTube video: why its almost impossible to go 305 mph

  3. EnjoyTheSilenc3 says:

    At 300mph that car looks more stable than most cars doing 60.


    *Bugatti hits 304.77 mph*

    Koenigsegg Jesko: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.

  5. roqeroo says:

    bugatti : im the fastest !
    koenigsegg: hold my beer
    bugatti: no u

  6. The Ike says:

    This is what happens when Koenigsegg takes a day off on Labor Day.

    Congratulations Bugatti

  7. squilliam fancyson says:

    bruh i’ve been hitting 300mph on gta5 for years now

  8. Jaden339 says:

    Bugatti : *breaks 300mph*
    Supra Owners : Are you Challenging me?

  9. Murat Harman says:

    Must have been pushing beyond 7000rpm at that speed… well done Bugatti !

    Also remember that the Chiron is a lot heavier than the Agera or the new Jesko.

  10. Bazzyg says:

    Coke vs Pepsi
    McDonald’s vs Burger King
    Nintendo vs Sega
    Microsoft vs Apple
    Ferrari vs Lamborghini
    Bugatti vs Koenigsegg
    Everyone has their favorites…

  11. Ken. says:

    Everyone is talking about 300mph, Im just excited Bugatti finally released a good looking spec lol.

  12. Mithu Sarkar says:

    Breaking news

    A Bugatti Chiron was spotted floating around in outer space

  13. LipColt says:

    Considering how heavy a Chiron is and how much downforce it generates at that speed, I really would like to see a technical video about the tires. The fact they stood this, the heat caused by the friction and traction and didn’t disintegrate is a huge feat.

    Congratulations Bugatti for the achievement. Shall the Chiron be known as a masterpiece of automotive engineering.

    • Sebastian San Cristobal says:

      @Jacob Feit They could be carbon fiber wheels

    • Bowie Jeffries says:

      At roughly $20,000 a tire they replace them after each straight line run (from top gears old video). I think when top gear did it they averaged both straight line run top speeds too which got them their very high speeds.

    • Anthony Hernandez says:

      In the older models they had solid low profiles glued on to the wheel, traditional tires would just slip and essential burn off with the friction of the wheel and rubber alone.

    • TheRedKnight03 says:

      Funny enough, it took them a long time figuring out the wheels, the car was always estimated to go way faster then it could hit, they said the wheels was bottemnecking, so they finally figured the wheels and it went 300.

    • Nikodem Dyzma says:

      And why they not shown simple vbox or gauges…maybe its fake like lambo nurburgring record…oficially cheated by lambo

  14. Makar Lock says:

    Bugatti: we broke 300mph
    Koenigsegg: hold my Snaps
    Zonda: but a the car it’s is a so beautiful

    Tesla: *attaching rocket engines to roadster*

  15. Avoid Me says:

    Hennessy- We will hit 300 mph first.
    Koenigsegg- No we will do it first .
    Bugatti- Hold my bear!

  16. BNKS AUDIO GROUP says:

    Jesus,,, the fastest I’ve driven was 140 mph in my Saab Aero. I couldn’t imagine doin DOUBLE that??

  17. Lord Cyros says:

    Is it because of the orange stripes that makes it go faster? Hmm.. Interesting design.

  18. arpit parekh says:

    It is 4 hours drive from Washington to Manhattan…
    *Bugatti Chiron – Hold my steering ?*

  19. Ryan says:

    In the next video we’re going to seeing what a 300 mph car crash looks like???

  20. Egg with 50000 Subscribers says:

    You know where I can’t wait to drive one of these?

    In video games!

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