Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?

Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?

Hey guys! In this challenge, we build rafts out of common materials from the hardware store. We have to float through huge waves and paddle around a GIANT Flamingo! Let’s see who can build the best raft! Do you have any raft ideas? Let us know down below!

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47 Responses

  1. Miku Kawaii says:

    “1 hour on the clock, time to rock!”
    Man when is J-fred never great?!

  2. Cheyanne Blaszak says:

    Bobby is so confused with his plan…

    1. I didn’t buy enough material
    2. 12, 24, 36…48
    3. Says he only wanted it to float

    Who agrees? ?

  3. Ark Royal says:

    I would honestly like more of this boat stuff. It was interesting.

  4. julian velitario says:

    Damn FLEX TAPE is the way to WIN!

  5. ÚltraLeevi says:

    Its okay if Bryan Lost at least he got welcome mat

  6. Vanessa’s Graphics says:

    Flex tape: hey wanna be our sponsor

    Team edge: don’t worry.

  7. Jill Muraoka says:

    Kevin: how are you going to make this work

    Brayan: uh…buckets

    I started crying

  8. Emilija Romic says:

    This is how many ft tall J-Fred is

  9. CSRtube _ says:

    Bryan is thinking: I’m not going in there only a idiot would g….
    *Joey jumps in with his mic*

  10. LEGO Stop Motion Studios says:

    I wish they still commented back 30 Minutes after uploads

  11. Kashlynne Hedrick says:

    Bryan: I’m not going in there forget it!

    Joey:YA YEET!

  12. berserk590 says:

    Definitely 10 out of 10 for j Fred’s boat I knew that he was going to win

  13. Greg says:

    J-Fred’s raft was MADE?

  14. Xi Chen says:

    Bryan : Oh i ain’t going in there Joey: *FISHY FISH FISHY* Me : Oi this dude would be good in the Olympics!

  15. Tabari Bowser says:

    they should start liking and commenting on our comments again 30 min after the video uploads ??‍♂️

  16. Lord Farquaad's Beautiful Chest Hair says:

    “I’m not gonna fight it”
    He lives there now lol

  17. DeLIgHtFuL• KaNDyS says:

    *This. Is. The. Coolest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen. On. This. Channel.*

    (To be honest, all the videos are LIT ?!)

  18. Dinhero says:

    Absolutely Nobody:

    Kevin: SNIP SNIP!

  19. Z3L0 Playzz says:

    Bobby: “what, why am I going down?”

  20. neutrallynude says:

    More stability on that raft than my life ?? WHO CAN RELATE

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