Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment

Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment

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  1. elias ratejczak says:

    I just thought: Bill Gates could buy this apartment and probably not even notice it in his bank account..

    • yellow white man says:

      +Kevin Prima how much jeff pay to lick his butt?

    • Rolie Polie says:

      +Kevin Prima Only because Bill Gates gave so much of his money to charity. I’d say if he’s so rich he doesn’t feel bad about giving away billions then I don’t think he’s desperate for that butler job. Also people in this thread confusing net worth with liquid assets lmao.

    • Angel wick city says:

      +FOURTH RIGHT you have airpods? Damn, you’re super rich

    • Angel wick city says:

      +Rolie Polie also, I heard that bill gates said when he dies he’s leaving his children with 10 million dollars each and the rest of his money will go to charity.

    • Instagram Trends says:

      +L Y N X you are actually not right they settled that she will get $36 billion in Amazon stock which will still leave Bezos as the richest man on earth

  2. Adhesive Dinosaur says:

    love the LCD Soundsystem reference in the beginning!

  3. James Epstein says:

    Casey if I buy you that place will you stay in NYC? I will do a go fund me

  4. Zballer45 J says:

    Titles like this go viral
    $12 McDonald’s burger
    $21000 first class seat
    And now this

  5. Alex & Erika says:

    If you can afford $58 million you can afford a lot of fun but living there would be pretty insane. I would take more land but cool experience! ??

    • venom5809 says:

      It’s not an either or option when you are that rich. LOL

    • idont haveaname says:

      whether you choose to live there or not, it’s a 58 million dollar park for your money and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find that in a single property, it’s an investment

    • Uncle Ryan's Toy Reviews says:

      Alex & Erika I would take more land and open space too.

    • Martin Klein says:

      what do you want to do with land? you can buy cheap land for small pockets (150k) which is bigger than manhatten

    • Rolie Polie says:

      Well the thing is that the super rich buy these apartments because they’re an investment (same as if you bought some really fancy antique property). Sure a massive swath of land somewhere is nice as well, but it’s probably not going to retain/increase in value as much as an apartment at the top of NYC. The guy who founded Dell Computers owns one of these types of apartments in NYC and doesn’t even live there. It’s all an investment.

  6. skylilly1 says:

    The elevator ride. My stomach was in flutters the whole time. Spectacular view!

  7. EmPlugEe 22 says:

    I got anxious just watching you go up in the elevator. Sheesh.

  8. KiddsockTV says:

    Done purely for the Clickbaity Title. BAsically an Ad for Ryan. LOL

    • MrSafa61 says:

      They are getting smarter, ads, and they have learned to adapt, adopt new ways of hiding and showing up when it’s their time.

      Make sure you are on the right side of this battle. Don’t fight them ads.

    • Margot says:

      Yes, but interesting for us folk in Australia, where we drive for 3 hours to get to our neighbour’s farm (station – we call them)

  9. Sutter Family Films says:

    “ Oh crap, I forgot to get milk at the store”.. * rides a 10 minute elevator back down to the ground*

  10. Liam Slane says:

    Yeah but if you forget something you have like a 20 minute elevator ride back to your apartment

    • Chris Caruso says:

      Liam Slane that’s just the construction elevator, the finished elevator will be able to get to the top of that building in a minute or two.


    Someday… Clouds will be on sale in NY.!!!! Love you from India!!!

  12. ryan hinton says:

    4:02 and I thought the gap between the airplane and the boarding dock was scary

  13. Colton Amundson says:

    $58 million apartment?
    David Dobrik: “Let me call SeatGeek”

  14. AnimeGirl1249 says:

    Dude you gotta show us what this thing looks like when it’s done because that view is phenomenal ?

  15. THANOS says:

    *WHY CANT I FIND COMMENTS ABOUT **3:24** ????*


  16. Юлия и кот. says:

    Oh! I’m very afraid of heights! That’s high!

  17. Alexander Panti says:

    $58 million apartment?
    Rick Harrison: “I can do $20 bucks”

  18. ANTS ON MY WIENER says:

    I don’t even understand how buildings that high even stand. No thanks. This episode legit made me sweat.

  19. Carl Coppo says:

    Real-estate agent – it’s $58mil
    MrBeast – hold my hat

  20. Porky Studios says:

    ” I want to give it to Casey Neistat”

    Savage ?

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