Building a trail trimming trailer

Building a trail trimming trailer

Building a trailer with blades on it for trimming branchs on road sides, then towing it with a UTV down trails.

My friend who composed the music 17:00-20:40

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22 Responses

  1. SeanHodgins says:

    Your CAD (cardboard aided design) and manual plasma table work is impressive.

  2. SouthPawEd says:

    Hey Andrew, what about setting a couple suitcase weights over the wheels on top of the frame to give it a lower center of gravity? That should also help with getting the leaf springs to absorb some of the bumps, instead of them causing the whole rig to hop with every little rock or hole. With all that weight of the arms outside the width of the wheels, she teetered a little, but was still a super design. “Trail Blazer 2.0” Nice work!

    • Charles Jones says:

      @lugoismad the jumping helps it self clean

    • Barry Davidson says:

      @wooly1286 In my new JD tractor they put Beet Juice. It won’t freeze, that’s what I was told.

    • Barry Davidson says:

      I was thinking about one of those concrete blocks 2’H x 2’W x 3′ L (Half Block) Weight: Approx. 1,800 lbs and they have a hook on top to lift it on trailer.

    • SouthPawEd says:

      Will have to be mindful that he’s also towing this with a side by side. Most of them (like the heavy duty diesel ones) have a trailer GVWR of around 1,500lbs. Won’t be able to add too much ballast to his rig.

    • William Ganley says:

      I would also suggest adding a spare tire for additional weight and possibly angle in the corners to help keep from catching a tree trunk when tilted.

  3. dumbf4k says:

    damn, another 40min just went by… i love how you engineer stuff too, you take your idea and then proceed to beat the crap out of it until something breaks and then make that part stronger until you have a working piece of equipment! its great seeing some real engineering

  4. Craig Correll says:

    I think you need to name this thing a “TRAIL SHARK.” It is totally awesome! Proof of concept – accomplished – and then some.

  5. 2badger2 says:

    I love now Andrew really goes for it during his testing …

  6. Shane Herman says:

    This man loves his trails.
    He was the “The boy with his toys” that grew up and now he is “The Man and his machines “.

  7. Fragarbai says:

    “DEFORESTATION” by Andrew Camarata
    I never imagined I’d see a slow moving vehicle sign on anything driven or towed by you Andrew 🙂
    Nice build 👍🏻

  8. Jared Morgan says:

    Stacey David is the man. “Trucks” was a cool show.

  9. J Quinlan says:

    Loved the show “Trucks”
    Better suspension, wider axle and maybe more weight?

  10. Brian Schoenrock says:

    As you were making it I was certain this would be useless, but it’s a lot more effective than I expected.

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