Building AUTOMATIC FARMS in Minecraft Hardcore (#52)

Building AUTOMATIC FARMS in Minecraft Hardcore (#52)

I Built Automatic Farms in Minecraft Hardcore! Today I built Automatic Wheat Farms, Automatic Sugarcane Farms, and even an Automatic Squid Farm in Hardcore Minecraft! WHAT FARM SHOULD I BUILD NEXT?

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


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36 Responses

  1. SB737 says:

    Over the top farms that get you way more items than you could ever use are the way forward

  2. Spoke says:

    Sometimes I forget this is in hardcore and his world can get deleted any second

  3. Reece Smith says:

    “Ive made a lot of useless things”
    – Proceeds to make the biggest sugar cane farm i have EVER seen –
    *WadZee Thinking* “Yes this is by far the most useful thing on the server”

  4. BitLifePro says:

    Wadzee what your looing for is “POV: You finally found the buried treasure”

  5. Ryan Wood says:

    Plot Twist: The reason Wadzee was digging up the desert was to find the buried treasure

  6. Rayan007751 says:

    Its always the squid game reference. It just feels like a whole other era.

  7. Luka Jacobs says:

    wadzee be like: in today’s video im not gonna do pointless buildings, start to make a way too big sugar cane farm….

  8. No Time To Explain says:

    I got an idea, since you’ve had so many builds and they seem like a pain to navigate, why don’t you make a train station all over your world and connect all you amazing builds

  9. rip says:

    This series is one of the best on YouTube

  10. FatBoy Entertainment says:

    Imagine how much farther ahead he would be in pointless builds if he started with making massive farms lol

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