Building Fire Causes Total Loss On Farm

Building Fire Causes Total Loss On Farm

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. I hope it led to a better understanding of the investment and risk that is involved in a farm. Please consider donating to this family’s GoFundMe.

Note: Do not try to contact or visit him or his family as this is a very sensitive time.

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22 Responses

  1. 2ndAmendment-Jeffrey Yost says:

    Discussing the value of farm equipment is not bragging. 99.9% of people have zero knowledge of farming, the cost, the work required, and the risk. I worked on a farm in my teenage years and I learned alot. I wish everyone could have a better understanding of it all. I think your channel is helping greatly in that respect.

    • Ken Hofer says:

      Why don’t you say I instead of people

    • THReynolds2 says:

      @Ken Hofer because he means people (non-farmers).

    • Pterodactyl says:

      The vast majority of people do not understand the costs of farming.

    • piquat1 says:

      Cole the Cornstar has a video going over rough costs for one year. IIRC they had 1.1M in expenses and sold the grain for 1.05M, loosing $50k that year. That’s how the margins are. You’re dealing with huge money and just scrape a little off the top to live on, if you’re lucky. You can see how easily having to fix one broken machine could sink a year.

    • James Christiansson says:

      @piquat1 Just subscribed to Cole, thanks for the mention.

  2. David W says:

    My Uncle’s Dairy barn burned down years ago, it was devastating. He rebuilt and recovered but it took years. This is a tragedy, but the farming community is strong and Laura and Grant have a big heart for putting out the word for help.

  3. daniel sirman says:

    this is utterly heartbreaking. there was a lot more lost here than just tools and equipment. the amount of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention all the stress and sacrifice are things no amount of money can replace. God bless this family.

  4. Orchid House says:

    I saw a video recently by Zak Johnson (Millennial Farmer) about an organisation called ‘Farm Rescue’ or something like that. I don’t think they provide funding, but they offer practical help to keep the farm business alive. From the videos you have put up on YouTube, that I watch from the UK, I can appreciate the pain of the loss.

  5. Robert Bronikowski says:

    How does that petite body of yours contain your massive heart? You and Grant are the best friends and neighbors anyone could ever hope to have. God bless you both!❤

    • theeverydaylife says:

      Because she’s not a city democrat

    • DrG says:

      @theeverydaylife Stop it. City democrats can have big hearts too. Your comment reflects neither a big heart nor a big mind, in my opinion. Country Republicans can have big hearts, and country Democrats can have big hearts, and city Republicans can have big hearts, and city Democrats can have big hearts. Let’s stop this divisive nonsense. Thank you for considering to be part of bringing us together, rather than tearing us apart.

  6. Daniel Heathcote says:

    I can’t begin to imagine how heart breaking this must be. I thought both of you were so sensitive the way you portrayed mikes story. What is frightening is the terrifying power of fire. Regards to Mike. And I’m sure you’ll answer this, but where can I go to make some form of help.

  7. flatworm00 says:

    What a loss, my prayers go out to him.

  8. Steve Shay says:

    On a lighter day I’d love to hear details on why those tractors look so similar but with drastic cost differences, and why all this equipment costs as much as it does. The generational planning to build a farm is fascinating from the outside as well, and I’d love to learn more on that too.
    I appreciate you sharing this story and showing some of the harder parts of that life.

  9. David Struve says:

    That’s the most devastating thing about a fire like this. It’s not just about the _big_ stuff – the high ticket items like combines and tractors. It’s all the _little_ tools you’ve collected and purchased over your entire working life. And maybe entire working life of your father and even your grandfather too. Especially the ones that are older, aren’t made any more or even ones you’ve altered or custom made yourself to solve problems or requirements you’ve had over time. Those quickly add up in value and extra loss, not to mention the fact you can’t even pull yourself out of the hole using those smaller tools to do smaller jobs to work yourself back up to being able to afford the big ticket items. It’s the loss of the building itself, which is _no_ cheap thing to easily replace. It’s all those memories and human interactions associated with every single on of the items no matter how big or small they may be, that all went into moulding the very person you are today that have now been lost or tainted by the fire.
    And yeah, insurance helps take some of the sting away, but it usually barely scratches the surface of repurchase costs let alone does absolutely nothing to help the emotional damage suffered thanks to the fire. My thoughts and prayers go out to that poor farmer, I’m just glad he has good people like yourselves on his side, who have his back and can help start building the ladder needed for him to climb out of this particularly painful hole. Farming is a tough enough life and career choice without adding a total-loss fire to the equation.

  10. Rugged Cams says:

    I cried. It just went straight to my heart. Prayers to him and his family.

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